The Protein-Digesting Enzyme Supplement that Makes Everything Sweeter

Recently, I've reintroduced chicken and some red meat to my diet after eating a pescatarian diet for over a decade.  I read that meat eaters have a different gut bacteria makeup than those who don't regularly consume meat. So my first thought was how to help my body in processing and digesting these new proteins.
After a brief search, I stumbled on bromelain supplements. Bromelain is the enzyme prevalent in the core and stem of pineapples.  Bromelain is essentially a protein-digesting enzyme. When our food is properly digested, our bodies are better able to absorb nutrients.  One of the reasons why I gave up meat years ago was due to concerns of animal protein remaining stagnant in the digestive system.

Bromelain seemed like a perfect solution.  Bodybuilders and people with high protein diets often add bromelain to their diets to make sure the body can properly digest it.  The more I researched the benefits of bromelain, the more I was sold.  There is even some debate about whether bromelain can help boost metabolism and increase fat loss.  Another huge benefit of consuming bromelain is its anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation is pure evil and responsible for many of the maladies that plague us (not to mention it's a huge factor in aging).  I'd love to include a supplement in regimen with the ability to fight signs of inflammation.

One potential side effect (or benefit) is similar to what one could experience if they consumed a lot of pineapples.  As you may know, consuming pineapples is said to positively impact the smell and taste of our bodily fluids.  Eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice can "sweeten" your taste.  Apparently, taking bromelain supplements can give similar results without you having to consume all the extra sugar.  They even offer bromelain powder that you can add to your smoothies and whatnot.

There are some other noted benefits of bromelain including chronic pain management and even cancer treatment.  I should also mention that bromelain does have a blood thinning effect so those who are on blood thinning medication or preparing for surgery should avoid it.  I read several positive testimonials from people who took bromelain post surgery to help with inflammation, bruising, and pain following the procedure.  As with any supplement, please do your own research before incorporating it into your diet.


  1. We've taken digestive enzymes for years! Excellent! Also, good old fashioned Digestive Bitters are wonderful for that too! Good luck!

  2. You know whats crazy? you're probably the only person who could make me spend all my money -__- lol. I've been coming to this site for YEARS so imagine my pockets lmao. <3 ya


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