Microneedling | The Beauty Treatment That Will Finally Give Me Flawless Skin I've Longed For

The ultimate goal in my skin care journey is to have perfectly flawless skin. Unfortunately for me, past acne breakouts left behind a lot of deep scarring and discoloration.  I looked high and low for treatments that could create the skin I desired.  Some of the treatments helped, but they were no match for the deeper, move severe scars.

Then one day, I learned about a cosmetic treatment that promised to make my skin new again. When I  first heard of microneedling, I immediately wanted to have it done.  My research lead me to the at home rollers that could be bought online.  I bought a couple, but I was slightly afraid to use them. I didn't want to ruin my skin or cause an infection.

Time passed and I experimented with a few more alternatives. Everything improved my skin but still the issue with the texture still remained.

One day I watched a video of a girl removing her makeup. When she took her makeup off, her skin was flawless underneath,  that's when I made the decision once in for all, to set my microneedling appointment.

What first attracted me to the microneedling process is how it works.  Basically, you make thousands of insertion points as the tiny needles penetrate the skin.  The needles have the ability to break up scar tissue laying beneath the surface.  As the scar tissue is dissolved, so is the discoloration.  Soon after the treatment, the healing process begins.  And with that comes amazing benefits.  New collagen is formed which is what helps plump up any recessed areas as a result of the scarring.

The rollers found online are cool but you can experience more powerful results from having it done professionally. Plus, estheticians don't use a roller needle because the rolling motion can actually cause damage to the skin. Nowadays, they rely on a skin pen-type device that "stamps" the skin for a more precise result.

Before my first treatment, my esthetician and I discussed my skin concerns. Besides the scarring and texture issues, I wanted to enjoy some anti-aging benefits.  I've heard that this process could be used to address lines and wrinkles so I asked if she could also concentrate on my smile lines.

The treatment itself was quite comfortable.  Your face is numbed so you barely feel anything.  Plus, I'm used to using various massage tools on my skin so this just felt like I was using giving myself a vigorous facial massage.  Although they say there's no down time, I immediately went home afterwards because there was still some numbing and slight bleeding.  Within 1-2 hours, both stopped. Later that evening, I did notice some swelling around my smile lines due to all the extra attention they received with needles.

I immediately wanted to begin the healing process so I broke out my LED Mask.  NASA first used LED therapy for wound healing so it made sense.  Before bed, I washed with the gentlest cleanser I own and proceeded to sit under the mask for 30 minutes.  

Day 2, the swelling was gone.  But as the days past, I started noticing the tiny, barely visible scratches on my skin. By day 3-4 my skin looked pretty normal to the naked eye, but felt rough when I touched it.  The roughness was from the scabbing as part of the healing process.  The only visible scabbing on my smile lines.  I'll be honest with you, it looked pretty bad at times. Sorta like I had surgery incisions on the sides of my mouth which were now starting to heal.  Starting at around day 3, I started applying coconut oil to the drier areas.  

This wasn't a part of my post care instructions but I felt like coconut oil could be an asset because of it's anti-bacterial properties.  Also, I tend to use coconut oil on my dry flaky scalp and thought that maybe it could help my healing skin.  The next day after applying coconut oil, my skin began to peel.  It was a mild peeling that happened mainly around my cheeks. I continued to apply coconut oil and use my LED mask every single day. 
Today is day 5 and all the skin on my cheeks have peeled completely leaving behind brighter, healthier skin. The scaring on my cheeks have faded quite a bit and are barely visible.  I've seen tons of improvement in the texture of my skin.  It's much smoother overall and the recessed areas have started to fill in.  My smile lines are still healing but, from the looks of it, the line on the right side of my mouth is almost completely gone. The deeper line (on the left side) still has some scabbing but I already see a tremendous improvement.

All of this is from just one treatment.  I still have 2 more to go!  I'm pretty confident that I'll have darn near perfect skin by the start of 2017.  

If you're dealing with skin damage that goes beyond the scope of using over the counter fade cream, I urge you to save your money and treat yourself to this treatment.  It's about $300 a pop and your appointments are spaced out about a month apart.  Honestly, I'm happy with the results from just 1 session but I'm not gonna stop until I have the results I want.  Microneedling is very brown skin friendly.  Meaning, it won't stimulate melanin production and cause any further pigmentation.  The same can't be said for some of the laser scar removal treatments out there on the market.  

Beyond getting rid of acne scars, this treatment also reduces pore size and can also be used to fade stretch marks. Some even have used this treatment on this lips as an alternative to fillers.  I love treatments that have multi-level benefits and this, by far is the best decision I've made in a while. My skin is smoother, firmer, brighter, more even-toned and my lines have diminished.  So many benefits in one treatment. I'm wondering why I waited so long to try this. 


  1. OMG I so wanna try this!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awesome blog post. I too have bought the at home needle rollers but have been too scared to use them consistently. Could you possibly show us a before and after of the acne scarring? If not, maybe a blog post once the 3 treatments are done to share your results?


  3. Would I need to clear all my current acne before trying this?

  4. Nadege - thank you so much for turning me on to microneedling. I have been battling with hyperpigmentation and scarring left over from my cystic acne for the past year, and after 1 session my skin has improved by probably 85%! I just had my first treatment done this past Friday - and my face has almost finished peeling, revealing such glowing and amazing skin underneath that I could cry!

    Thank you again for exposing us to treatments like these, I truly owe you on this one!

    1. Hi Anon,
      Your comment left a huge smile on my face. I know exactly how you feel. I'm so glad you made that investment in yourself. I just finished my 3rd treatment and can't believe how smooth my skin looks. The pitted scars I had are almost gone. But I ordered several more sessions to see how much more improvement I can experience. Kim K still does microneedling and her skin is pretty much perfect. Another benefit I'm seeing is an improvement in collagen. Which means that microneedling can be an effective anti aging strategy. From one treatment you get plumping of skin, reduction in fine lines, fading of scars and skin peel. It's like a SUPER TREATMENT for the skin.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Micro needling is one of the growing treatment in the world. One of my friend have used this micro needling treatment in Utah for stretch marks and skin aging. There isn't any side effect of this therapy and I'm completely agree with the benefits of the therapy mentioned in the blog. Thanks for sharing such information. This is really helpful for those who want to go for micro needling.


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