Summer's Over. Now's the Time to Create Your Best Skin Ever.

In a few hours, I'll be at a Skin Care Spa receiving the first of a series of treatments that will hopefully rid my deep acne scars for good.  This treatment is just one step in my grandiose plan to completely transform my skin.

Over the past couple of years, I've paid much more attention to my facial regimen. And the hard work has really paid off. But, I'm now realizing that I have to make one final push to experience the flawless skin that I've always dreamed of.

Typically, when fall and winter rolls around, I tend to slack off on my regimen.  The cooler weather calms my skin down quite a bit so not much effort is required to maintain it.

That's the issue..... The last half of the year, I go into maintenance mode.   I do the bare minimum required and my skin still looks pretty decent.

But what if I completely changed my approach.  Instead of coasting for the next few months, I can get laser focused and finally achieve the skin of my dreams.  This time of year is perfect for making a real impact on your skin.  Oil production is down because of cooler temps and we don't have the intense sun rays aggravating our skin discoloration.  This time of year, my skin is less congested and looks smoother overall.

Having unproblematic skin creates the perfect opportunity for me to finally get what I want.

As part of my strategy, I'm completing my first professional microneedling session.   If all goes well, I can finally experience perfectly smooth skin once and for all.  I'll do a full write up on microneedling after I had a chance to experience it.

Beyond the needling, I'll try to squeeze in a couple mild, professional peels over the next few months.  If all goes well, I'll make this an annual, end-of-year process.  That way I start the new year off with bright, healthy skin.

One other major component to my skin care routine is facial fitness.  I want my face to always look lifted and toned but I'm realizing that I have to put in a conscious effort in order to achieve that result.
This means engaging in face toning activities such as Tanaka Massage, facial exercises and (my favorite off all), the Yamuna Face Rolling Routine.  I have deep nasal labial folds on the sides of my mouth.  They're hereditary on my dad's side of the family. The only thing that keeps my smile lines in check is a consistent facial toning routine.

Lastly, I'm gonna finally use retin-A consistently. Every time I begin a retin-A regimen, my forehead peels, I panic, then stop using it.  That was before I knew about the amazing, hydrating powers of sheet masks.  Now I can combat the dryness and enjoy the rewards of consistent use of retin-A once and for all.

If you'd had a struggle in making decent headway in your skin routine, try stepping things up this fall and winter.  You'll make tons of progress and enjoy clear, glowing skin that's ready for summer.

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