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It's time for another quick roundup of recent beauty purchases that I'm currently loving.

NARS concealer
I'm losing count of the number of concealers I currently own.  I have a couple from MAC, some from Makeup Forever. I even have a few shades from the cult drugstore brand L.A. Girl.  Not to mention my all time favorite concealer, Kevyn Aucoin.  I had no business buying another one.  But time and time again, I kept hearing about NARS' concealer and how it was an absolute must have.  So I grabbed one.  Best decision I've made in a while.  I love this concealer for several reasons.  First, I like the packaging.  I don't have to get any product on my fingers thanks to the handy application brush.  Secondly, the packaging makes it extremely portable so I just throw it in my purse without having to worry about any mishaps.  But what makes me love this product more than anything is its formula.  NARS creamy concealer is a perfect consistency.  It offers the perfect amount of coverage. It blends perfectly into my skin with no creasing.   I love NARS creamy concealer so much.

L'Oreal Eyeliner
My next favorite purchase is my beloved L'Oreal Silkissime liner.  I first took notice of this amazing liner in a post I did on how to create the perfect cat eye featuring Sir John.  The color payoff seemed too good to be true.  I often struggle to find a decent liner that appears truly black on my dark lids.  I took a risk and bought it hoping that my risk would pay off.  I'm glad I did because Silkissime is now my favorite liner of all time.  This liner gives insane color and lasting coverage.  No other liner I've owned compares.  The only qualm I have is that Silkissime requires a special sharpener.  I have one from NARs which works fine.  Just know that traditional pencil sharpeners won't work as well with this type of liner.

NYX Total Control Foundation Drops
I've already featured NYX's foundation drops in a previous post so I won't go much more detail.  I just want to reiterate how much I love this product for the ultimate no-makeup look.  Whenever I'm chilling at home with nowhere to go, I apply a few drops and suddenly my face looks more polished.  I've even gotten a few compliments from hubby who usually hates it when I wear products with too much coverage.  Since foundation drops have come into my life, I've pretty much forsaken my other foundations as an everyday makeup option.

Anastasia Beverly Hills [TRUST ISSUES]
I discovered my favorite newest lip color thanks to a recommendation from a complete stranger.  We were at a beauty show when I noticed the woman standing nearby.  My first instinct was to go up and interrupt her conversation just so I could find out what lip color she's wearing.  Lucky for me, she was super friendly.  After my inquiry, she reached down into her bag and allowed me to take a pic of her lipstick.  Within a week, I own my own tube of Anastasia Beverly Hill's Trust Issues.  It's a deep mauve shade which compliments my skin so well.  Today I learned that NYX's Vintage has a suitable dupe. It's nice to know that a suitable alternative exists at a fraction of the price.  

YSL Roller Mon Paris
When spring rolled around, I began the search for a new signature fragrance.  I tend to gravitate towards scents with citrus notes but this time I wanted something a little different.  After rummaging through my collection of sample fragrances, I noticed that one stood out.  YSL's Mon Paris is a bit sweeter than what I normally like but I'm really drawn to the combination of fruity and floral notes.  To me, it's the perfect spring fragrance.  Instead of grabbing a full-size bottle, I went with a roller ball. Roller balls are amazing because of the concentrate the fragrance to one area.  I like to add a little on the wrist & neck so the fragrance surrounds me as I work throughout the day.  It's part of my feel good routine.  Whenever I'm feeling a little stressed, I take a deep breath and instantly feel refreshed.

There's another favorite product that has recently become part of my skin care routine.  I think I'll feature it in a separate post.  Stay tuned.

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