Stop Choosing to Live In the Same Situation. Change it.

I had multiple conversations recently that inspired this post.  In both cases, the women wanted to transition from working full time to running a successful business.  In both cases, the women were holding on to their jobs a bit too long.   This was my opinion.  I based the opinion on personal experience.

Prior to taking the big leap, I lived with a high level of anxiety and stress on a daily basis.  I hated my situation and I couldn't keep it up much longer.  But I did.  I kept it up for months and made plans to keep going for another year even though each day felt worse than the last.

Nothing was going to change because I was too afraid.  But then I asked myself a powerful question that changed everything.
The single reason why I made the decision to leave my cushy job to run my new business was because I asked myself a question that I couldn't answer.

I finally asked myself "why am I choosing this experience as my life?"    I hated going to work, so why did I choose to do this every day?"   Once I asked myself that question, I experienced an epiphany.  It was at that moment that I realized my power of choice.

The literal answer to my question of "why do I choose to do this every day" was to earn income.

From there I realized that working at my current job was just one means of earning income.  There are many, many ways to support myself financially.  But I chose this one because it was the most comfortable.  So I continued to do it day in and day out.   Once I realized that I had so many other options, things shifted.  Within months, I finally made the choice that led me to my current reality.

This article isn't about quitting your job.  It's about realizing the power you have to alter your circumstance.  Sometimes, we're in a situation so long that we forget that it doesn't have to remain that way.  We accept it as fact.  Worse yet, we accept it as unchangeable.  And our actions keep it in place.

Once I broke away from that fixed way of thinking, everything started to open up.  Suddenly, I felt a rush of excitement as I rattled off a list of alternative options that were available to me.  The list seemed to go on forever. Everything on that list was a real possibility.  I just needed to put in a bit more work.  I finally started believing that I could actually change my situation.

Anytime you're feeling stuck in a circumstance for too long, it's because you've lost touch with your power to alter it.  Instead of frantically working to change the current reality, we complain about everything we hate about it.  This only amplifies feelings of helplessness which keeps everything locked firmly in place.  If you feel like you're in a situation that you can't stand, as yourself why you are choosing to remain there. Answer this question with as much honesty as possible. Then start focusing on the alternatives.  Latch on them with your life and work diligently using the Compound Effect to make it happen.


  1. I've found myself in the same position for the past few months, complaining about everything that's been going wrong in my life... until I too realized that I had the power to change my situation. Very inspiring post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very interesting Message you are so Right We have the Ability and Gifts that God gave us to Change our Situation.I have to Catch on to this Message To Change my current Status. Blessings Thank you


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