Lori Harvey Reveals Her Favorite Skin Care Must Haves. Let's Discuss.

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Model, socialite, and fashionista, Lori Harvey, is quickly building her personal brand.  If you don't quite recognize the name, you may know Lori as the daughter of tv & radio personality Steve Harvey.  Lori lives an interesting life which is part of the reason why I followed her on Instagram in the first place.  Immediately after following, I mumbled a silent prayer hoping that one day, she would reveal her favorite skin care products.  And that I would be there if that day ever came.

By chance, I just happened to log into Snapchat on the very day that Lori decided to bless us with a series of images detailing all of her product faves.   Let's take a look.
Lori didn't reveal her daily cleanser. Instead, she decided to jump directly into showcasing her heavy hitters.  Most women with notably gorgeous skin typically mask on a regular basis.  But instead of a clay mask, Lori's seems to favor a brightening mask.  After doing a little research, I learned this Vitamin Nectar is an exfoliating mask that promises to deliver a smoother texture and vibrant looking skin.  Plus it's loaded with skin nourishing vitamins and fruit acids that gently exfoliate.  Mud-based masks are cool but sometimes we have to step outside of our normal routines if we want exceptional looking skin.  Lori reminds us of this lesson simply by pointing out that, of all of her masks, this one's her fave.

Although Lori is barely in her 20's. She's already taking some preventative measures to fight off future signs of aging.  To keep her eyes youthful and vibrant, Lori applies Fresh's Age-Delay Eye Concentrate.  According to the product description, this eye cream is "like a power nap for the eyes."

 It addresses dark circles and under-eye bags while improving elasticity around the eye thanks to the help of multiple botanical extracts.  After reading various reviews, it appears that Age-Delay's strengths are that it's really hydrating and does seem to brighten the under eye area.  Sounds like a product I should check out.  But since I'm much older than Lori, I'll also be on the look out for an exfoliating eye cream to address any current issues.
Lori's serum of choice is definitely what I consider a splurge item.  This refining lotion is a glycolic acid based product that compliments your evening routine.  It's a highly concentrated serum that refines your skin while you enjoy your beauty sleep.  Check out this review for a small glimpse of what Mila Moursi's Refining Lotion can do.
ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? It's ridiculous how much I love this product (Although the price, maybe not as much but I realized that the older I get, the better invested I should be in my skincare). I've used some alpha hydroxy acids in the past, like Dr Dennis Gross but never really stuck to it. Lately I noticed that my skin was just not looking as great (getting older) and realizing that I should really be adding more active ingredients and using actual products that are going to not only maintain my skin, but help make it look even better. I was a little scared that the high percentage of glycolic acid might irritate my skin even though my skin can pretty much take anything I throw at it. Luckily, my face adjusted well without any burning or irritation. The first time I applied this (at night only, please) when I checked myself out in the morning, I saw a difference right away. And it converted me to be a Mila believer. Seriously. It's not often that I see that much of difference with just ONE use. 
Although Lori's skin appears flawless, she's not immune from the occasional breakout.  Whenever pesky pimples arise, she reaches for Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick.  Based on the product details, this blemish stick seems like a really decent acne fighter.  It's formulated with ingredients that exfoliate and reduces inflammation while having antiseptic properties.  It sounds like everything you would want in an acne-fighting product.
Another way to fight acne and promote beautiful skin is from the inside out.  Lori subscribes to that way of thinking.  Lori is a big believer in short (2-3 day) juice detoxes in which she exchanges food for all natural juice blends.  Years ago, a coworker decided to do a juice cleanse during her time off from work.  When this woman came back, she was absolutely glowing. I have no doubt that Lori's glow is partly due to her love for veggie juices.  Even if you can't participate in a juice fast, I highly recommend you incorporate plant-based juice into your routine as often as possible.  Buying bottled juices can get expensive, be sure to check out my tips on how to enjoy nutritious juices and tonic at home for a fraction of the price.
Another of Lori's beauty secrets is her love of infrared saunas.  The beauty benefits of regular infrared sauna sessions are unmatched.  Basically, Lori takes a holistic approach to beauty. She follows an inside-out approach which is ideal.  I've written a few more articles that provide glimpses of Lori Harvey's beauty routines and rituals.  You can check them out by scrolling through the content here. 

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