Hair That Does Not Break?! This Protein Treatment creates miraculously strong, shiny hair

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Each wash day, for years, I'd pull out my little bottle of Pure Protein and pour a small capful into a mixing bowl filled with conditioner.  As someone who loves moisturizing conditioners, I realized that I was neglecting to include adequate protein into my regimen.  But I wasn't really diggin' protein conditioners.  The solution to all my problems showed up in the form of Pure Protein.

Pure Protein was an instant staple. And I thought I'd use it for the rest of my life.  That is until I randomly stumbled on a testimonial for another protein reconstructor.  The words she used to describe her results after using this product would forever be seared into my brain.

"I use DRC-28. When I use it, honestly my hair DOES NOT BREAK. My old stylist used it on me and my hair was unstoppable......DRC really fortifies my hair with continuous use."

I think I re-read her words like five times.  How could one be so bold as to make such a statement?  A woman with relaxed hair proclaiming to have zero breakage is unheard of!  She went on to say that a stylist once used a rat tail comb on her wet hair which made her highly upset. The stylist tried to appease her by saying that although she had fine hair...."it didn't break."

So I went searching for others who've tried this magical elixir to see what they had to say.  One DRC-28 user stated that "it works wonders on hair and stops breakage like no other."  Another boasted: "I purchased this 3 weeks ago and used it last week.  It left my hair shiny and I have less breakage in a week."

Here's another testimony:  "I used DRC-28 yesterday and got exactly the results I was looking for: strong hair that does not break.  It didn't stink (like Aphogee) and it did not make my hair hard (like Aphogee). My hair feels really good now.  This product works!"

When two random people (three, if you count the incompetent stylist) proclaim that their chemically treated hair doesn't break, we must take heed.  Is there any doubt in your mind that you MUST have this product with you on your hair journey?

Allow me to take you back in time to three weeks ago.  I was wandering down the aisles of a local beauty supply store.  I made up my mind to either pick up a wearable wig or I'd try to make my own.  My hair was being super disrespectful to me and I had enough.  I asked the lady to show me textured human hair.  The wig example she showed me was gorgeous. Thick, healthy, and beautiful. I ran my hands through the virgin hair and almost started to cry. It was similar in length and thickness to my real hair, only this hair was so healthy. The cuticle layer was perfectly intact.  I thought to myself, if only I could get my hair to this level of greatness.

This thought echoed in my mind for several weeks before I stumbled on these DRC-28 testimonies. It was like I attracted this product into my life.  Yes, the price is high, but compared to what I pay for a small bottle of Pure Protein, I'm actually saving money.  I should also mention that DRC-28 has several types of protein compared to Pure Protein which only has one.  Even though DRC-28 has a pretty steep price tag, keep in mind that the bottle is 16 oz which means you have about a year's worth of deep protein treatment in one bottle (if you use about an ounce a month).
Here's a little more about the product description for those of you who aren't familiar:

"Dudley's DRC 28 is a deep-penetrating advanced hair treatment and fortifier that is concentrated with most of the hair's own natural protein and amino acids.  This rich formula works from the inside out - nourishing, restoring and repairing severely damaged or weakened hair to a stronger, healthier state."
Notable ingredients include:  Hydrolyzed Animal Protein, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Biotin, Panthenol (vitamin B5), and Hydrolized Glycosanminoglycans (shown to promote hair growth in in clinical tests).

DRC arrived and hours later I took it for a spin using the directions provided on the bottle.  First I cleansed, then applied the brown liquid to my lightly dampened hair before sitting under the dryer.  The product hardened on my hair as I read digital magazines while sitting under the dryer.  Minutes later, I rinsed and conditioned using KeraCare's Humecto.

The thing I feared most was stiffness and dryness from protein overload.  But honestly, I experienced none of that.  Breakage reduced drastically and I felt very comfortable moving to the second phase of my experiment.

Phase II
This time, I would see if DRC-28 could take the place of Pure Protein as a routine protein treatment.  Instead of saturating my hair with the product, I'd blend it with my favorite conditioners as a fortifier.  Because DRC-28 is such a generous size bottle, I added the equivalent of about 3 capfuls.  Maybe I went a little overboard.  The liquid blended easily with my other conditioners which allowed for easy application.

Since I did a protein treatment just a week prior, I decided to head under the steamer for intense moisture instead of using dry heat.  It's now a day later and I'm elated at how wonderfully healthy my hair feels.  Breakage is darn near non-existent, but better yet, my hair reminds me of that awesome wig I touched just weeks ago.  Well, not exactly, but, it's in a way healthier state than before.  My cuticles are sealed and feel so smooth.  I never expected a protein treatment to give me results like this.

Gosh, I'm hoping that with continued use, I may be able to blow dry again without fear of ruining my hair.  Heck, maybe even one day I could be one of those lucky people who can declare that my hair does not break! * Folds hands together and looks up to heaven.*
Update: Since publishing this article, I've learned that the infamous Dudley's DRC is now discontinued.  :(  

But I bring some good news.  Dudley's has another hair strengthening product that looks of it, might be even better.  Dudley's Hair Rebuilder is the staple hair breakage treatment producing in their line up.  Here's how it stacks up to DRC 28:

// Hair Builder is much more affordable than it's counterpart.  
// Hair Rebuilder's key ingredients are similar to DRC. It also contains panthenol (b5), biotin, an Amino Acid complex and keratin.  

The one difference  I noticed between the two products is that the Hair Rebuilder actually leaves the hair feeling softer and more elastic.  It seems that DRC was a straight protein treatment while Hair Rebuilder is more of a conditioning repair treatment.  This means you can strengthen and condition your hair in one simple step.   Since it's a milder version of the DRC 28, you don't have to worry about using excessive levels protein which could do more harm than good.  

  In my humble opinion, using a product like Hair Rebuilder on a consistent basis ( a couple of times a month depending on your hair) is a great way to keep your hair strong so you don't find yourself in a do-or-die situation where breakage to your hair has become excessive.  


  1. I've never heard of this until now! This sounds exactly what I need to get for NY hair. I'm suck and tired if having yo sweep my bathroom floors after every time I brush my hair. Also the sinks where I see a lot of breakage. It is on the expensive side but if it stops the breakage, then I'm all for it!

  2. As soon as I read the testimonies I went to see where I could purchase it.

    I have a few questions:
    1) Is protein necessary for all hair types and pourosities and how often? (If you have a post or source that would be a awesome)
    2) is a dryer/steamer a necessity - I only have a facial steamer
    3) is it ok to use the DRC28 mixed with conditioner only as you did for continued use or does it in turn need to be used on its own?
    4) as I don't have a dryer I would just put it on with a plastic cap? Do you think that will work?
    So excited to find out more, I really trust your opinion and enjoy your posts!

  3. Great questions Fizzy.
    1. Hair is comprised of protein. So all hair types will benefit. Obviously, if you have damaged or chemically treated hair. Protein becomes an ABSOLUTE MUST, versus a "nice to have." Everyone responds differently to protein, some have treatments done every 4-6 weeks. Others notice their hair does well with weekly protein. I used this treatment back to back with no adverse effects. But I'll keep a close eye and adjust accordingly.
    2. I don't think a drier is necessary. You can substitute heat for time. Meaning, leave the treatment in longer than recommended. Or manually make heat with a plastic cap and a warm towel.
    3. Going forward, the main way I'll use DRC 28 is blended in a conditioner. That way, I'm staying consistent.
    4. Wrap a warm towel around your plastic cap for extra heating power.

  4. It's nice to find a protein treatment that works and isn't messy or smells bad. I can't wait to try this myself. I have been experiencing the worst breakage ever and need something that is strong enough to combat it. I keep thinking moisture is the answer but it may just be that I need more protein for my hair.

  5. Yay, you replied! thanks :-)
    Sadly, I came across the ingredient list and it contain a paraben (and I avoid them). But this product seems so great :-(. I know you don't know yet, but you're hoping that this product is going to be amazing, so they'll be not alternative I guess. It doesn't match up to aphogee or anything like that?
    I've found pure protein, so I'm looking into getting this, but I guess it won't match up to DRC-28? But it's good for breakage right? And a good protein to use regardless.
    Thanks so much!

    I really love your site, great pictures, information and well written :-)

    1. Hi fullafrizzy, I would like to know the name of the pure protein that you have found as I too am trying to avoid parabens. If you don't mind sharing? Thank you.

  6. Nadege, first I love your blog! I am kind of confused as to how you used this product and the other protein. Are you saying that prior to this you just mix your normal protein in with your moisturizing conditioner and that is how you accounted for your protein/moisture balance. But with the DRC 28 you used it by itself and then the next week mixed in with your conditioner. Just trying to understand so I can see how I can incorporate it into my routine.


  7. Hey Tracy. Pure Protein was meant to be blended in with your moisturizing conditioner (per instructions). DRC-28's instructions are to use it alone as a protein treatment. Then you rinse it out and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

    But since the consistency was very similar to Pure Protein, I experimented with mixing some in with a moisturizing conditioner. I actually liked those results better! And I like the idea of using a little bit of protein each wash day to fortify the hair on a regular basis.

  8. Fizzy, Aphogee could be a decent alternative. I tried Aphogee many years ago and didn't love it. But lots of people do! Pure Protein is good too but DRC 28 is my boo! Love it so much.

  9. Can naturals or transitioning ppl use this?

  10. Hi Dia,
    All hair can benefit from protein. Especially if you're experiencing breakage.

  11. Pure Protein vs Dudley's drc 28...which one do you like better? Or would you say they are equally great protein treatments? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks!

  12. Hi Anon,
    I would say that Dudley's is the winner, hands down. You get more the price plus you get to enjoy multiple types of proteins in one formula.

  13. Nadege,
    Where can I buy the DRC28 online?

  14. I contacted Dudley's and they said the DRC 28 is NOT meant to be mixed with any other product (including conditioner). They said the product should be used ONLY as directed..then followed with a conditioner.

  15. Kristine you can order from Ebay or Amazon. Found eBay to be cheaper. Hope that helps

  16. My Dudley DRC 28 arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait until my usual wash day (Saturday) to try it. I read all of the reviews on the product before my purchase. This article was the first I've heard of it.

    All I can say is that I wish I had found this product sooner on my hair journey. I used it mostly as per instructions. Left it in for 30 mins rather than 15. When I washed it out my hair felt like I had a fresh relaxer. I had tremendous slip. Breakage has mostly stopped, my hair does not tangle as much and it has movement like never before. I will most definitely add this as a monthly treatment. This product is a miracle in a bottle.

  17. I have natural hair. I have used this twice. I'm not at that point where my hair "does not break". I really don't know if I can sing praises to this product yet because there are too many factors to consider. My hair is having much much less breakage than this time last year. I don't know if it is due to this product or my regimen or my diet, etc. But what I can say is at this point in my hair journey, I will keep using this and not buy anything else. Reason #1 - its not like any other protein treatment has EVER given me amazing results to give me a reason not to use this Reason #2 - though its pricey, the testimonials of others lend me to want to just keep using it Reason #3 - I want to use this for a year before I give a final verdict anyway.

  18. how soon after a relaxer can this be used?

    1. Hi Daveanne! This is a protein treatment so it's safe to use directly after a relaxer. You can use it after rinsing the relaxer out or during your deep conditioner. Just make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards.

  19. Hello, I have purchased and used the Dudley DRC 28 protein treatment and I love it. I has stopped using it for no real reason and I noticed the change in my hair. I'm back to using it and my hair thanks me for it. I will have to try adding it to my moisturizing conditioner. Nadege I love your hair blog, I've followed it for a while now and the Bamboo hair vitamins are wonderful. Keep up the good work, and Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Angel! I truly appreciate your comments.

  20. I know this is an older post, but I'm hoping you still come back occasionally and check them :) I am currently using Joico's reconstructing protein treatment. It does well on my hair, and I can see noticeably better volume. Since I shop at Ulta a lot, they recommended it over some other options. Problem is I still see occasional breakage (not so much I'm having a hair crisis, but more strands of hair than I'd like to see on my sink, so to speak). I want it to stop like you're saying here. My question is do you have experience with Joico, and if so, how does it compare with the DRC 28 treatment? I've relaxed my whole head once from natural, and just recently did my first touch-up. Perhaps I just need to protein treat more than once monthly? Or maybe I need this. Not sure, but hoping you can offer some advice! Thank you!

  21. I use both DRC once every 4 to 6 weeks and the Joico every couple of weeks since that is how ofen I wash my hair.


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