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If you and I were to bump into each other this past summer, there's a high likelihood that I would be wearing a button down dress that stopped somewhere around the knee.  Button down dresses have become somewhat of a uniform because wearing dresses are the absolute easiest thing on earth. It requires no thought of outfit coordination.  Sometimes trying to match a shirt and top just takes more effort than I'm willing to give.
Summer uniform: Buttoned Down Military Style Dress
Which is why I adore dresses. In just a few moments, you look completely pulled together without having to invest much effort.  Almost every dress purchase I made this summer had one thing in common, the single column of buttons dividing one half of the dress from the other.  The only exception to that were the few maxi dresses added to my collection.
via SongofStyle

But none of my traditional maxi dresses were as classy as the button down.  Most often, maxi dresses give off the laid back, casual vibe reminiscent of a tropical vacation getaway.  But we sometimes forget the more grown up, feminine version.  The one that can be worn to dinner or a social event. The one that makes you stand out from a sea of others wearing distressed skinny jeans.  There's something inherently alluring about the woman in a full length dress with just a hint of skin showing.

Best of all, this type of dress will never go out of style because it's not a trend. It's a staple the every woman should have in their closet.  

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