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The dreaded day has arrived when my beloved steam rollers are no longer bringing the value they once had.  Once upon a time, my steam rollers were the gem of my styling tools collection.  Anytime my hair needed a little boost, I could simply whip out the Caruso rollers and, minutes later, my hair would be soft, bouncy and hydrated.

But, unfortunately,  my current hair texture won't allow my steam curl results to be great.  When the damp roller comes in contact with my hair, the reversion process begins.  And, when I finally remove the rollers, I'm thoroughly disappointed with the results.

Deep down, I still want a quick easy option for last minute styling whenever the need arises.  At the top of my options are hot rollers.  They're like the cousin of steam rollers only without the added moisture.

One reason why I've never inquired about hot rollers in the past is because I categorized it as heat styling.  I didn't want to damage the hair with overuse.  But, that was a long time ago. My hair is much thicker and more resilient.  Hot rollers are a "safer" option than using direct heater plates (curling/flat iron).  In most of the videos I've watched, the Youtuber could lightly touch the roller with their hands. The same can't be said for a flat or curling iron.

And, just like any other heated tool, I understand that it's not meant for daily use.  My intention is to toggle back and forth between hot rollers and flexi rods.  Not to mention that I'm a little more savvy now when it comes to protecting the hair from heat damage.  I've learned the virtues of using a dry heat protectant and using heat activated products that fortify the hair.

Actually,  a water based heat protectant might work well in the case of using hot rollers.  Since the roller won't reach ultra high temperatures, perhaps my hair could absorb some of that moisture.  Speaking of moisture, I know that using heated rollers will call for higher levels of moisture. Which means no more skipping on steamer sessions on wash day and making sure I moisturize daily (especially prior to setting).

I'll probably pick up a set of rollers really soon.  If anyone has some hot rollers that you love, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments.


  1. I love my steam rollers! This reminds me i have to drag them out of the closet...

  2. I love my Caruso steam setter, BUT sadly I have never gotten good results from it. No matter what I do, hours after using it my hair will consistently frizz. It makes me so sad because it should be such a great way to style with little heat, but it just will not work for my hair. The last time I was so excited because I thought I'd finally figured it out. I rolled my hair with serum at night, let the rollers stay in extra long (because I always assumed lack of complete drying was the reason for the frizz), took the rollers out and immediately pinned curled before bed to ensure 100% drying. Took the curls down in the morning and they were soft and bouncy, I thought that was it. But alas by afternoon, my ends were dry and frizzed just like all the other times. Ugh. I'll be looking forward to the hot roller recommendations as well.

  3. I still love my Carusos(I'm texlaxed, BSL) but I always use them as a refresher, I've never used them as the primary form of styling.
    I was at Winners (like TJ Maxx) and saw these Chi Induction Halo rollers, I have an induction stove and I love it so I'm wondering about the technology on the rollers. I've been meaning to pick them up and try them but undecided because of the texture on the roller.

  4. I have a have a set of flocked hot rollers by a brand called Belson. Instead of roller caps, there's pins that you stick in to secure them. I got really good results when my hair was still natural. I'll use in my relaxed for the first time this week.

  5. Awwww man. I've been thinking about getting the Caruso rollers for years. I'll have to look into the Chi rollers


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