Monday Motivation | Your destination awaits you.

This year, I've taken on a different belief with my goals than I've had in the past.  Before, I would have this grand vision, relish it, then allow tons of time to go by before I started taking any action.
This week, as I was taking a walk, I started visualizing an outcome that I wanted to experience.
In the vision, I was enjoying some time off in a warm, tropical destination.  The images in my mind were of a slightly different version of me.  I was more toned & fit in the vision.  My hair, slightly healthier.  Skin glowing in the sun.

Once I snapped out of it, the first thing I did was start to plan the actions required to turn this daydream into a reality.  It was as if I was absolutely certain that I'd end up on this beach at a future date.  My job was to ensure that I took actions that align current reality to the vision.  I had work to do and it felt great.

I realized this was a different approach to my goals than I had in the past.  Before, I was stay in the vision stage way too long.  Instead of trying to quickly merge the two worlds, I'd keep them separate. I'd live in reality, then go (mentally) escape to my intentions from time to time.

Lately, I've had the desire to bring my vision into reality at a much faster rate than ever before.  The reason why this is happening is very simple.  I attribute this new mindset to shift in belief.  Instead of just indulging in my desires, I actually start to believe in their possibility.  And, the greater the belief, the faster I move into action.  What did I do to grow my belief?

I participated heavily in what I call "mini-manifestations."  Basically, I try to manifest small things on a very consistent basis.  When I say manifest, I don't mean it in a magical or mystical. I mean, wanted something to get done and doing it. Wanting something small to happen and doing everything in your power to cause it to happen.   The smaller the better. The more consistently, the better.  The reason why I kept the intentions small is to increase my success rate.

The most critical aspect of mini-manifesting is making sure you acknowledge everything you've done.  Let's say you tell yourself "alright, I'm going to the gym today."  At this point, you've officially set an intention.  If you go through with it, you've manifested your intention.  If not, you've not honored your word.  By not honoring your word, you chip away at your self-trust.  Next time you say you'll do it, your subconscious may not believe you.

To reach your intentions quickly, you should operate as a mini-manifestation machine.  Tell yourself that you'll do something (small) then do it!  If this becomes a habit for you, then your subconscious has no reason to doubt you when you wish to manifest something greater.  You'll start to develop the mindset that visions can easily become real and your actions will correlate with this new belief.

This week, take on the challenge of setting small intentions and following through.  Each time you do it, make a big deal about what you've accomplished (and how easy it was).  Manifest with ease then start to move towards those bigger visions that you've always been afraid of.  Go ahead....your destination is waiting for you.


  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing articles you write. I read all your hair, beauty, motivational blogs. Your motivational articles have really helped me make some changes in my life and help me push for dreams. Because of your articles, I have started my own YouTube channel. I've wanted to start it ever since last year, but never gotten around to it until now. After reading one of your articles about constantly imagining/dreaming about how you want for your future to be, why not take small steps everyday to achieve your goals; so I took my first small step with my YouTube channel and I'm soon going to be taking another one when I film and upload my second video.
    Thanks again for everything and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years :)

  2. I love this concept of mini-manifestations. It never occurred to me to celebrate the small things, but it makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing this new insight!


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