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Let's take a moment to daydream......
A few weeks ago, I spent some time scanning real estate listings in the local area.  One listing especially caught my eye.  The home itself was ok but the owner invested quite a bit into making various upgrades.  One of them being a salt water plunge pool.  First off, I didn't even know that salt water pools existed.  But once I became aware, I immediately needed one.  
Plunge pools are much smaller which makes them far less intimidating for non-swimmers like me.  And salt water pools are said to be less irritating to the eyes and feel better on the skin.  The bad news is that salt water pools are slightly more expensive than the traditional, but, on the other hand, plunge water pools are more affordable than a full sized pool.  I want one so bad.  It's definitely going on my vision board. 
For as long as I can remember, I've worked on the weekends.  That probably won't change anytime time soon but at least I can import some indulgences to make it all worth while.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  Basically, I'd like to enjoy at least one thing I love each weekend.  One of my coaches declared Saturday as "Creation Saturday!"  This is when we plan actions around our intentions.  For me "Creation Saturday" will be set apart for self care and other feel good actions.  I invite you to partake in your own version of Creation Saturday. 
I would absolutely love to have a bedroom with a view.  Can you imagine how amazing it would be to wake up to an inspiring environment each and every day? Unfortunately, my bedroom is tiny and has no spectacular view.  One of my projects for 2016 is to add a few design elements in my room that sparks inspiration.   I want to wake up and immediately feel inspired to take on the world! Or, I can just move to New York and buy a penthouse overlooking the city.....whichever.
I've been meditating in the mornings again. But sometimes I find it difficult to do every day.  But, I noticed that I love meditating in serene environments, like when I get a massage, facial or when I'm in a deprivation tank.  So, my intention is to find a way to incorporate experiential meditation into my mornings.  This is where I'm meditating daily while engaging in relaxing, mindful activity.  Actually, I already have something in mind and I'll share that with you in a future post.

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