Three ways to better retain moisture this fall/winter season

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Just a few weeks ago, I was boasting about how amazing it will be to enjoy lower humidity weather.  All I thought about was how freeing it will be to not have to deal with frizzy hair.  But, I almost forgot about the dark side of drier air.

I hate to admit it, but high humidity helped me maintain moisture levels.  And, now that it's gone, I notice the void.  No sense in crying about it, instead, lets take some quick action and adjust our regimen accordingly.  Without moisture, it's almost impossible to retain length.  So let's reflect on what we can do to keep moisture in our hair longer.

If it's been a while since you broke out your clarifying shampoo.  Now might be a good time to deep cleanse.  If yo keep reapplying product to no avail, your hair may not be properly absorbing.  Do you ever notice how light and healthy your hair feels after a visit to the stylist?  My guess is part of the reason has to do with that intense scrubbing at the shampoo station.  A decent clarifying shampoo will do the work for you without the excess manipulation.  In the end, your products will better penetrate and your strands will retain moisture longer.

Other times, my hair is so dry that it needs a little bit of extra help.  That's when I employ the baggie method.  It's like creating an incubator to heighten moisture levels.  The two most common times when I baggy my ends are:
1. When my hair feels EXTREMELY dry and need an instant infusion of moisture.
2. After applying moisturizer and oil to further increase the effectiveness of the products.
This method has never let me down.

I used to do a full head baggy, until I learned of the Fulani Method.  If you will recall, this is where you dampen your satin scarf before wearing.   This moistens the hair in such an effortless way.  One reason why I prefer the Fulani Method over placing a plastic cap over my entire head is because the latter will sometimes over saturate the hair, creating unfavorable results.  The Fulani method has a level of control to it that I really appreciate. And it works like a dream.

Drink water
Don't ask me how it works, but the consensus of women on their journey is that increasing their daily water intake also has the potential to impact their hair.  Here are of testimonies of three different experiences for you to enjoy:
1.] Thanks for the challenge ladies! I will continue to consume as much water as I possibly can, my goal is 120 oz. a daily, for as long as I possibly can. My results from the challenge were awesome: I ate alot less, esp. of sweets, always felt hydrated, my skin is glowing, and my hair is holding moisture alot better. This was a great challenge and I hope all of you ladies had great results.
2.]Is anyone else noticing a difference? I slacked off on my water for about a week and my hair is breaking like crazy. Nothing else has changed so I'm guessing that it would have to be the water. Needless to day I'm back on doing all of my water each day
3.]Working on my water intake right now ladies(woke up a little late this Sunday morning).
ETA: I can say that this water is helping to keeping my hair moisturized/cooler(this was mentioned by a member as being a sign of moisturized hair) and I am beyond thrilled about it. Also, my skin is glowing and it much clearer.
Don't forget to include other moisture enhancing techniques like steaming in your deep conditioner or experiment with frequent wash days.  Lots of options are available to you if you are dealing with moisture issues.  My suggestion for you is to experiment with various options to see what your hair loves the most.

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  1. Clarifying shampoo ×regularly* definitely helps me moisturize. I clarify twice a month. Not saying it'll work for everyone but my hair definitely responds better when its clean. And I can't live without the final step of my wash day being a frigid water/ACV rinse.


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