2016 Intentions | Create the workspace of your dreams.

As we get closer to 2016, my mind is constantly racing with ideas of what I can do to help usher in a fresh, new year.  You see, I have a strong believe in certain year end rituals to signify the new beginning.  One of the most powerful ways to create the right environment for the new year is to start with your home office.
Why?  Because the home office is where we create.  We'll write our best selling book, launch a new business and establish our destiny in our home office.  It's the space where we overcome resistance. The place where we express creativity.   The place where an idea transforms into reality.
But, in order to get the most out of our time in the office, we must first set the environment that sparks the highest level of creativity.

Steve Jobs was said to prefer working in an all white space in order to avoid visual distractions. Creation can easily flow where there is space for it to do so.  Think about it, if I gave you a canvas that was already covered with various colors, you'd have a difficult time imagining a new picture.  But, if I were to give you a blank white canvas, the possibilities of what you could create would be endless.  Without a doubt, I operate with a higher level of focus and productivity when my office area is clear of clutter.

Once you have that blank canvas, you can start to layer in pieces that nurture your imagination.  Truthfully, one can only create freely when they are in a happy, relaxed state.  We get in this state by incorporating a few items in your space that spark joy.
Perhaps you light a gorgeous candle with an intoxicating scent.  Or maybe you've incorporated inspiring images that depict the future lifestyle you want to live.  I like to keep my favorite fragrance nearby to mist lightly anytime I wish to elevate my mood.  Lastly, you can consider adding some fresh flowers or motivating quotes to keep you inspired.  I keep a list of my goals and corresponding rewards nearby along with a log of the accomplishments achieved so far.  I like balancing my drive for results by looking back and expressing gratitude for progress made thus far.

Whatever you decide....have fun with it. Turn your office into a space where you don't mind waking early to go and build your vision.  

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  1. I would like to appreciate your work that you have decorated your workplace with great innovative ideas. This is amazing.


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