Is Copper Water your next hair, skin and nail supplement?

The other day, I was perusing through Amazon in search of some cute copper mugs to enjoy one of my favorite new beverage, the Moscow mule.  Little did I know that I would come across an ancient Indian method that would help me create my own health & beauty water at home.

Prior to this, I was watching a Youtube video on how to cut flowers fresher longer.  One tip was to add a penny to the water.  If I remember correctly, adding a penny allowed her lilies to stand up in the vase longer and not fold over.  Back then, I didn't look further into why the penny worked, I just made a mental note for the next time I bought fresh lilies.

The reason why pennies help the flowers to last longer is because of copper was slowly releasing it's goodness into the water.  Copper water is so powerful that it impacts the life cycle of these precious plants.  Next, I learned that we can make our own copper drinking water.  And, that copper water directly benefits our skin and hair.
So what is copper water?  It's basically, an infused beverage you create by allowing water to sit in a copper container overnight.  The end result is a mineral rich tonic that nourishes the body with an essential mineral. This practice is a tradition that was followed in India for centuries.  Today we can replicate this technique to help fortify our diets.

Why drink copper water?

Simple. Copper is one of those minerals that have a direct impact on our beauty goals.  Several years ago, I started seeing an influx of gray strands.  My first instinct was that the graying was induced by the high-stress levels of my job. The could be true but another reason for the premature grays was probably because of a mineral deficiency...namely copper.  I've read multiple accounts of happy individuals who now enjoy their normal hair color thanks to the help of copper water.

Let's also talk about how copper is a crucial ingredient in countless anti-aging skin creams.  Most high performing anti-aging skin remedies include the help of copper peptides to bring back your youthful glow.   Basically, copper is an essential component in the collagen formation process.  When the level of copper in our cells increases, collagen production goes up. That's extremely exciting news.

Best of all, copper is one of those nutrients that's ACTUALLY beneficial when applied topically.  Heck, a study that determined that women who used a copper laced pillowcase experienced a noticeable reduction in wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks.  Yes, copper pillowcases are a real thing and available to purchase if you're ever interested.  They even make copper eye masks if you just want to focus your attention on one area of the face.

I was going to purchase a skin cream with copper peptides. But first, I think I want to experiment with making my own copper infused facial mist. Facial mists are amazing but I need something that does more than just put water droplets on my face. I'm looking for products that have a real impact.  I'd like to make a nice batch of copper water to mist my face and body on the regular.

Internally, I think I'll go for a copper/zinc supplement since the work synergistically to bring out the best results. Or maybe I'll try more natural sources of copper like beef liver, sunflower seeds, or black strap molasses. Oh, I should also mention that there's a video on Youtube where a guy swears that taking copper has such a profound impact on sagging skin that it even has the potential to reverse sagging breast tissue.  There was a second video from a woman co-signing on this copper for sagging breasts theory.  Both of the people who released the videos were at least in their 60's so perhaps taking copper has a greater effect on older individuals.  Even if we don't see a noticeable difference in sagging, it's nice to know that adequate copper levels can be our secret to maintaining our youthful appearance now and in the future.

Keep in mind that copper toxicity is a potential side effect so if you decide to make your own copper water at home, be sure to drink it in moderation.


  1. I love to drink copper water but didn't think about using copper for my skin and hair. That's a great tip x


  2. Do you think putting one's ACV tonic/drink and letting it stand in the copper container would deliver the health and beauty benefits of both at one go?

  3. I'm going to have to try to copper zinc tablets since my family likes to constantly remind me that my grey hairs are breeding:(


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