The Supplement That Fights Your Acne Scars from the Inside Out

Yesterday, I happened to jump on an Instagram live session hosted by Sophia Roe.  She's full of knowledge related to natural health so I figured I'd join in to learn something new.  During her chat, Sophia said something that immediately caught my attention.
via Sophia's Instagram
First off, let me just say that the woman has amazing skin.  But according to her, it wasn't always that way.  Sophia claims to have suffered from acne and hyperpigmentation but has since found a supplement that has kept her acne scars in check.
I was actually quite surprised when Sophia proclaimed that her collagen supplements were part of the reason why her skin was so flawless.  At first, I dismissed her statement as fake news. But then I got to thinking.

I suffer from hyperpigmentation from my long battle with cystic acne.  The aftermath was so bad that I had to undergo rounds of micro needling just to minimize the after effects.  Here's the thing. I've experienced acne breakouts since then.  But I didn't notice until now that they don't scar my skin like they used to years ago.  Why is that?

At first, I rationalized that my breakouts weren't the same as before. In the past, I had these huge eruptions on my face. Nowadays they're a bit tamer.  But I remember scaring occurred even when I had minor breakouts.  Hyperpigmentation seemed inevitable.  This week, I woke up to a pretty noticeable breakout.  After a couple days of nurturing it, the pimple eventually went away.  But, as of now, there's no dark pigment to remind me of my little friend.

The difference between me today and me years ago is that I'm really consistent with collagen supplementation.  I take collagen supplements and I sometimes mix collagen powder with my drinks. In the winter time, I consume a ton of bone broth.  I'm pretty consistent with my collagen intake and, according to Sophia, that could be the reason why I don't scar like I used to.

I took a look around the internet to see if there was any merit to her claims. That's when I learned of the role of collagen in healing and wound repair.  When we experience cystic acne, damage occurs to our cells below the surface of the skin.  Inadequate collagen levels will result in a more substantial scar.  The more collagen in the skin, the better it heals. Skin that heals in a healthy way is less prone to discoloration and deep scarring.

This probably applies to our the skin on our entire body.  So if you have a strategy to ensure your skin is even toned all over, make sure to include collagen into to the mix.  I'm all for taking a holistic approach to fighting acne.  From making sure your cleanser is aiding in your acne journey to ensuring you wear sunscreen to help keep scarring at bay.  Everything works together.  It's nice to know that we have a way to possibly address acne scarring internally.

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