Sophia Roe Reveals Her Flawless Skin Care Secrets

You may recall our previous feature on the Plant Based Chef and Nutrition Curator, Sophia Roe.  She's committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  As we know, enjoying a largely plant based diet and drinking loads of pure water will have a positive effect on our appearance. Sophia has radiant skin. But, that's kinda expected, right?  But even with the help of eating really clean, she still has a very detailed routine that takes her skin to the next level.
One of her most asked questions on Instagram is how she cares for her skin. Sophia generously took the time to divulge the full details (I love when that happens).  Let's see what we can learn from her beauty regimen.

Sophia begins the process by cleansing with oil.  She gave a shout out to Jose Maran products because her face loves argan oil. Next she tones her skin with a charcoal based toner from Balm & Co.  After moisturizing, Sophia reaches for her serums.  Although it doesn't look like it, apparently she once battled with hyper-pigmentation.  For this reason, Sophia opts for serums to combat uneven skin tone as part of her acne scar elimination daily action plan.

She also recommended a moisturizer with kojic acid.  I've used kojic acid soap in the past after learning about it from an Instagram Beauty Secret reveal. But never have I heard of a kojic acid moisturizer.  When using the soap, it was recommended to leave it on for a minute or two to experience optimal effects.  Perhaps a moisturizer would be more effective since it's meant to stay on the skin longer to work its magic.
Even with the plethora of product options Sophia attributes her even-toned skin to staying out of the sun and ALWAYS wearing sunscreen.  I completely agree with her.  Wearing sunscreen every day is critical if you're dealing with discoloration.  Do not skip this step.

Then she goes into her hydration routine.  Working in a restaurant kitchen can do a number on your skin.  To keep hydrated during her long shifts, she reaches for a rose water face mist.  This girl is serious about her facial spray and admits to misting her skin up to 100 times a day!  This keeps her face nice and hydrated while helping with oil control.  Based on what we learned in a previous post, I'm guessing the facial mist helps keep her skin temp down (in the hot kitchen) thereby helping her oil glands to remain in check.

Lastly, Sophia reveals that she's a card carrying member of the "gallon of water a day" club.  Is it any surprise?  The more water you drink, the prettier your skin gets. It's just that simple.  Let's all keep this in mind as we head into fall and we're tempted to lessen our water intake.

Sophia goes on to answer a ton of questions in the comments. There she reveals her love for monthly microcurrent facial treatments.  Side note, I've now had 3 microcurrent facials and I love them.  I feel like the results are visible and get better with each treatment.  I'm not concerned with wrinkles but I want to maintain facial muscle tone for as long as possible.  Microcurrent is basically a facial that exercises your face.  Like any form of exercise, you have to stay consistent.  If you are going to add this to your beauty routine, find a lower cost alternative that won't break your budget.

Shout out to @bpete who tagged me so I didn't miss out on this wonderful reveal.  You can check Sophie's full response here.

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