What's your Daily Action Plan for eliminating acne scars?

Recently, I treated myself to a series of 3 professional peels at a local spa.  I've always heard that purchasing a series of treatments was much more effective than sporadic visits. The treatments themselves were fairly mild. My skin only peeled lightly for the most part.  Overall, I did experience some acne scar fading. But what was really interesting is what happened on my last visit.

As I laid on the little bed awaiting the application of the peel, I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.  The esthetician and I got on the topic of acne scars.  That's when she gave me possibly the best advice on treating discoloration that I've ever heard.  "You have to do something every day to fade your acne."  She went on to explain how she used the "do something every day" method to successfully create her flawless skin.
Summer's coming y'all.  The signature look of summer skin is superb flawlessness.  Most of us will sport hair styles that keep our hair off our shoulders.  Your skin will become the center of attention.  That's why we gotta start working now! Let's adopt this daily acne scar elimination strategy pronto.

Ok, to keep it simple, we'll the actions to 3 main categories: Exfoliation, Protection & Treatment.

Protection comes down to one thing, wearing sunscreen everyday...no excuses.  The sun basically acts as an instigator, causing your skin to hyperpigment.  Without the aid of sunscreen, you're leaving your skin vulnerable to the short term & long effects of the sun.  If you aren't committed to wearing sunscreen daily, how can you be serious about wanting even toned skin? Let's make this priority #1.

Once we have protection down pact, it's time to address current discoloration.  Everyone we've ever studied with perfect skin all profess to following a regular practice of exfoliation. We've seen it over, and over, and over again.  Regular exfoliation and a glowing complexion go hand in hand.  Keep in mind that there a levels to this.  You can exfoliate daily using the gentlest of products like Cure Exfoliating Gel or you can opt to facial scrubs and fading serums.  Maybe daily exfoliation isn't your thing, if not, you can try regular enzyme peels like Beyonce does.  I mean, if it's good enough to create Beyonce's perfect glow, it's good enough for us too.

Lastly, we must actively fight discoloration with a product meant to dissolve pigment. That's one area that I've been lacking in.  One thing the aesthetician stressed is using a product daily that will break down the extra pigment.  There are lots of products on the market that have the power to fade surface level scars.  You can opt for a skin brightening serum or a targeted fade cream.  That's next on my shopping list.  Currently I have my eye on Murad's Lightening Gel but I'm open to suggestions if any of you have a recommendation that worked well for you.

If you've got stubborn scars like me, you may have to take a more direct route, like indulging in professional treatments or employing facial tools that directly target dark spots.

Let's implement this daily practice of fading our acne scars today so by summer you'll have the skin of your dreams.


  1. Yes! You should defiantly try the COSRX 97% Snail Essence or their BLACKHEAD POWER ESSENCE! Paula's Choice BHA 2% Extra Strength also makes daily chemical exfoliation a dream! I love how they fade my hyper pigmentation and soothe my sun damage! Highly recommended!

  2. I tried the Murad product and I wasn't too impressed. I use something given to me by my dermatologist called the Fade 5 cocktail. I use that, my clarisonic, a glocolic peel solution and retin-a. I usually have a full face of makeup but today I put none on because I was running behind this morning and was told I look much younger so I guess it's working. I will say I do get lax on my sunscreen sometimes. I haven't found one I like that doesn't make my eyes water. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  3. I've always suffered from acne scars. My dermatologist suggested I use Retin-A Micro at night which helped a bit as it made my skin peel. My facial routine is very simple as everything else I seem to try tends to aggravate my skin to no end. After washing my face with baking soda, I use argan or marula oil as my moisturizer. I read somewhere about this concentrated serum called Odacite Papaya Geranium for hyperpigmentation. It is a little expensive for such a tiny bottle, however I mix two - three drops with my facial oil and my acne scars have been fading beautifully. Between that and the Retin-A I have been getting many compliments from people that my skin looks clearer with a healthy glow to it.


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