Monday Motivation | Are you lying to yourself about your goals?

Once upon a time, I loved talking about the goals I wanted to achieve.  And I had no problem discussing them for years with no sign of any of them actually becoming reality.  It was almost cool to be in a constant state of desiring rather than manifesting.

There's nothing wrong with desiring unless you are fooling yourself into thinking that you're actually in the act of manifesting.  There are clear differences between desiring and manifesting.

Words represent the first signs of our desires.  When we want to experience something, we verbalize that desire.

From there, words can either fuel our actions or they keep us in a constant state of inaction.  Here's how you can tell if your words are aiding in your manifestation or keeping you in the same place.
Using action-oriented language.  For  example.  Instead of saying  "I really need to lose these 20 lbs," you say "I'm in the gym 4 times a week so I can lose 20lbs,"  The second sentence is a clear indication that this person is in "creation mode."

Once you've verbally expressed your intentions, you have to make a choice.  Are you going to be someone who talks about it or are you going to be about it?

BEING ABOUT IT (getting in creation mode)!

Once you've decided to get serious about actually experiencing the life you want, then it's time to make a shift.    It takes A LOT of energy to bring something new into existence.  You'll require lots of mental energy to stay focused and plenty of physical energy to take action day after day.

If you aren't expanding lots of excess energy on your intentions, then consider whether you are really being honest about your level of desire for it.

I have a goal to earn $XX,XXX dollars within a specific period of time.  I've talked about this goal for ever.  But I realize that, for most of that time, I spoke about it as if it were something magical (and unreal).

Recently, I've decided to switch from desiring to manifestation with regards to this goal.  Since the outcome doesn't currently exist, I know it'll take lots of  energy to start the creation process.  To keep motivated, I create smaller milestones to reach along the way.  Milestones are like the street signs that let us know we're heading in the right direction.  As milestones are reached, I reward myself to acknowledge the work that has been done so far.  It's really important that we celebrate the mini victories on the way because it gives us additional fuel to keep going.

To make sure that I actually reach the goal, I need to assess my level of action.  Small, actions are great but if I'm want to create extra-ordinary outcomes,  I need to dedicate more time or more leverage (or both).   Also, if this outcome is something I've never been able to achieve before, I study several real world examples of people who have achieved this goal.  When I was in middle school, my father requested that I earn straight A's.  Feeling defeated, I told him it would be very difficult to achieve.  Then he asked, "has any one else ever earned straight A's?"  "Yes," I answered quietly.  "Then you'll get straights A's too!"  And guess what? Next semester, it happened.

It's part of human nature. For years, no athlete ran a mile in under 4 minutes until Roger Bannister finally showed the world it could be done in 1954.  Since then, multiple athletes have broken Roger's record.  It's like our minds are programmed achieve certain results once we know for sure it's possible.  That's why I love filling my mind with proof that my intentions are not only possible, but easily obtainable.

To sum everything up, it's up to us to discern if we are really lying to ourselves when we talk about our goals.  If a large percentage of your time and energy are not directed towards making your goals happen, then it's time to stop lying and to start doing.

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  1. Love love this're right on with everything you said.....definitely took some takeaways especially turning desire into action and have mini milestones along the way........thx "life coach" :)



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