Healthy Hair Resolutions 2016

I waiver back and forth when it comes to my hair journey. Sometimes I'm ultra motivated, other times, not so much.  But because we're in the first part of the year, I thought. "Why not put together a list of actions that, if I do regularly in 2016, will nurture my hair big time?"

Wash Frequently [retention]
As you all know, wash day is the center of our regimen.  Basically, it's the time when we infuse our hair with moisture, protein and so forth.  Last year, I experimented with frequent vs. infrequent wash days to see which method was more effective for length retention.  What I realized was that frequent wash days provided multiple benefits for the extra time investment.  First, my hair was ultra hydrated because of frequent exposure to water. Secondly, I experienced less knots & tangles (the bane of my existence).  Third, less breakage/hair loss on wash day.  Although I prefer to wash once a week, I get so much more out of wash day if I do it more often.

More Agressive Trims [retention]
After carefully observing awesome progress pics of others on their journey, one thing became apparently clear.  Those who trimmed their ends frequently, experienced incredible length retention.  One of my biggest struggles is making sure to trim regularly.  The solution to my dilemma came in the form of micro-trimming.  Actually, micro-trimming worked well for me.  My ends are definitely thicker than before. But I still think it makes sense to trim a bit more aggressively at least 1-2 times a year.  Especially for those of us who don't constantly keep our hair in protective styles.   I sorta used micro-trimming as a way of avoiding a more substantial cut.  Perhaps the middle ground is to continue micro-trimming as usual than take off a just a little bit more once a quarter.

Neglect Not
Sigh, years of a hectic work schedule and constant travel cause me to become ultra lazy with my hair.  On any given day, you'd find me in a simple bun. And not one of those, ultra moisturized, length retention buns.  Mine was more like, a "I had to wake up at 2:30 am to catch a 5:00 am flight" bun.  After careful reflection, I realized that my hair actually does better when I'm not protective styling.  Let me explain. Basically, when I throw my hair in a bun, I pretty much set it and forget it.  By the time wash day rolls around, I'm plagued with tangles, knots and (of course) plenty of breakage.  But, when I'm trying to keep my hair presentable, I moisturize, trim my ends, and do other beneficial tasks to help improve the look of the final result.

*It's very similar to how you take better care of your skin when you wear makeup frequently because flawless skin has a direct impact on the final look. *

Signature Styles
Which brings me to my next resolution.  Years of being lazy with my hair has taken away all of the creativity when it comes to wearing cute daily hair styles.  Which is why this year, I'm building a portfolio of easy to create signature go-to styles.  I'll compile a few style inspiration that I can where post touch up or when I'm several months into my stretch.

Nurture from the inside [growth]
Finally, I'm recommitting to being consistent with nutritionally supporting my hair regimen.  Focusing on my internal health has made a world of difference, especially during the times of neglect.  And, as I get older, I realize that my body will absolutely need additional support to remain vibrant.  Another thing I notice, I'm more likely to stay consistent with regular trims when I drink Beautifully Bamboo tea on a regular basis.  It's like I'm confident in the quality of new growth so I allow myself to release those dead ends.  In 2016, I want to promote so much healthy growth that I can't handle it all.

I can go on and on but, honestly, if I just follow these 5 resolutions, my hair journey progress is going to be amazing in 2016.

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