"Immediate Glow Factor" - Why the HydraFacial may be the best thing ever.

In 2016, I'm ready to have thee best skin ever!  And one of the strategies on my list is a series of hydrafacial treatments.  If you recall, my first hydrafacial experience was pretty amazing.  I completely understand why celebrities are so addicted to this skin transforming experience. What I love about the treatment is that it hydrates, exfoliates, and nourishes all at once.

I had almost forgotten about the wonders of the hydra facial until I stumbled upon an interview of Ashley Weatherford after trying the experience for herself.  Ashley is a beauty editor who has direct, unlimited access to all of the high end beauty products anyone could ever ask for. So when she describes something as "by far, one of the best facials ever...because of the immediate glow factor," we should all be paying attention.  Ashley goes on to say that for the rest of the day, following her facial, she walked around with a "halo-like effect" on her skin.
Ashley wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator
When you watch the interview, you'll notice the journalist repeatedly ask questions about the controversy of a hydra facial serum containing baby foreskins.  Ashley tries to clarify by stating that the serum contains "growth factors" derived from the foreskins....not actual foreskins. Growth factors can help increase collagen production and improve the integrity of the skin.

After Ashley's segment, a skin care expert who routinely treats clients with troubled skin, shares her experience.  According to her, immediately after one treatment, you get this amazing glow.  But those, who have completed a series of six treatments have "literally transformed their skin for the better."  

You can check out the full interview, and gaze longingly at Ashley's gorgeous skin, in the video below.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I went back and read your other Hydrafacial articles and I'm sold. Just signed up for my first treatment on Monday.

  2. Yeah, I'm going to have to find a work around to get to glowing skin, because baby foreskins--by products or what have you are not for my face. It's just not that serious.

  3. What exactly is baby foreskin? Where do they get it from?

  4. I think foreskin is exactly what you think it is. It is my understanding that 55-60% of newborn boys get circumcised every year . I suppose that's the source of it.


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