Why Korean Pig-Collagen Masks may be the best thing ever.

Ever since stumbling upon the amazing Korean Beauty Routine, I've had my eye out for asian inspired products and techniques to take my skin to the next level.  So when someone mention a collagen rich skin cream that left their skin feeling more plump after overnight use, I was intrigued.

Since the product was pretty affordable, I immediately purchased without even blinking.  The claims are that collagen jelly packs are loaded with high density collagen sourced from the dermis of pigs.  It's supposed to intensely hydrate the dermis while promoting elasticity of the skin and other anti-aging eternal youth benefits.

We all know that collagen injections can instantly fill and smooth out wrinkles, but what about applying a collagen cream directly to the skin?  Most will tell you that topical collagen won't be absorbed by the skin in an effective manner.  But, what these collagen gel-creams will do is retain hydration, giving the skin a more plump appearance.

I am a very firm believer in moisture retention as a means of eternal youth.  Most of us know of  women who look way younger than their years while on a vaseline only beauty regimen.  Why? I suspect it's because of the intense moisture retaining properties of vaseline.  Skin with high levels of moisture will naturally appear more plump and youthful.

These pig collagen-infused jelly packs also claim to have the power to keep the skin ultra-hydrated. One brand boasts 24 hour moisture retention with the help of their collagen magic.

Yesterday, the Samsung brand collagen pack arrived in the mail.  [I guess when Samsung isn't busy churning out electronics, they produce skin care products as a side hustle.]  Upon opening the jar, the first thing I noticed was the consistency of the product.  It was like a hybrid between lotion and jelly. They also give you this little scoop so you don't contaminate the product.  Technically, it's meant as a overnight face mask but my first inclination was to rub a little on my hands.

This stuff is definitely more hydrating than lotion.  In an instant the collagen cream absorbed into my skin without much effort leaving behind a veil of softness. My husband, who just happened to be standing next to me, immediately scooped out a little on his hands before feeling compelled to slather it all over his face.  I felt it was only right to inform him that he was rubbing in pig collagen. He was unbothered.

 I allowed an hour or so to pass before asking him for an update on his skin. After touching his face, he shared that his skin felt soft to the touch and non-greasy.  That's exactly the way my hands felt.  Neither of us could deny the lasting power of pig collagen gel.  This stuff is good.  My biggest problem with lotions & facial moisturizers is how temporary they are.  I always felt like they just absorb into the skin with no long lasting results.  So I'm going to test out using this as a facial  moisturizer. Although it's meant as an overnight treatment, it's light enough to substitute as a daily facial hydrator.  There's actually a collagen rich face cream infused with hyaluronic acid & green tea extract, that I might pick up next.

If I ever did a monthly "faves" series, this would definitely be on the list for February.  I, seriously, can't stop touching my hands whenever I apply it and I can't wait to incorporate it into my facial skin care regimen.


  1. I seriously LOL when I read the post title! :)
    I had to read it twice because I was like, "wait.. pig what?"! Love your blog, btw.

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