Monday Motivation | How quickly do you want to experience your goals?

Happy February 29th!  Since today is somewhat special, I'd like to discuss a topic that you should pay special attention to.  It's the subject of speed and how it acts as a fuel to ignite your dreams into reality.

The instant you're inspired to make an intention real, you have a choice.  You can either start the creation process or you can allow time to pass.  As we discussed last week, the more time passes, the more we allow our inspiration to settle.  Allowing time to pass can come in many forms. Procrastination, excessive research and taking tiny baby steps are just a few.
Instead of allowing time to rob you of your momentum, leverage the high powered fuel of speed to make your dreams come true.  

Speed is perfection.

The faster you run in the direction of your dreams, the sooner it takes form.  This works in pretty much every scenario.  The faster you move into action, the faster the manifestation process begins.  And when you begin to manifest, you get a rush of momentum to lead you to the next milestone.  Without speed, there is no forward movement.

You know how some people talk about what they desire and, a year later, they are still talking about doing the same thing.  This is an example of no forward movement. No intensity and no urgency in making it actually happen.

I joined a coaching program last year lead by two successful entrepreneurs.  On one of the calls, one of them says "even though I've been doing this business longer, Dave has experienced much more success than me because of his speed in implementation."  Dave, loves fast action.  On every coaching call, he urges us to implement quickly. When people ask questions in the form of concerns, he calls them out on their questions being veiled forms of resistance.  Resistance engages the brake pedal. Moving quickly is like pressing on the gas.

One small example of using speed is implementing micro-actions.  Give yourself ultra-tight deadlines to get into action and do it quickly.  Once you develop the habit of moving quickly into action, you soon develop a skill that others will marvel at.   The skill I'm referring to is the ability to manifest at a high level.  You'll be one of those people that seem to achieve anything you put your mind to.  People will think you're so lucky, but in reality, you are leveraging the power of speed to create massive results.

Just be aware.  When you say you will do something, move quickly!  That's thee most powerful way to break up the power of resistance.  This is one area where I'd like to focus my energy.  At my previous place of employment, fast action was part of our culture.  The company has experienced exceptional growth year over year and I'm 100% certain this has to do with their fast action, high intensity culture.

Let's think of this as a muscle that needs to be worked steadily.  Start small (with micro-actions) then apply the speed force to everything you do.  Time is the most valuable resource we posses to make things happen.  Let's do it quickly.

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