The Winter Skin Hydrator that works better than lotion.

This winter has been exceptionally uncomfortable for me.  The cold brisk winds a glaring reminder of how horrible life is when humidity levels plummet. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  So I've had to adapt to this dry, hateful air by getting a little creative.

As you may already know, I tend to use oils and gels versus water based lotions.  The main reason is because I found that some lotions were coating my skin causing icky build up.  Cocoa Butter and baby oil gel works great, I sometimes miss the hydrating effect of a water based product (especially on extremely dry skin).

Not willing to go back to lotions, I sought out alternatives.  Turns out that the solution was already in my midst.
Do you remember when I raved about using Missha's essense in a spray bottle as a facial mist?  If you recall, I said that, unlike my other facial mists, this version was very moisturizing.  Much more moisturizing than simply misting some water on the skin. The consistency was thicker than water and the effects lasted much longer.

So I was like "hey, why don't I use this stuff all over?"  They give you enough product to experiment. Without hesitation, I grabbed one of my glass spray bottles, poured a little in (undiluted) and began to mist my hands and feet.  Once I rubbed the watery serum in, I experienced immediate relief.  Then to seal it all in, I sealed with a little oil and voila!

That has to be one of my favorite DIYs of the winter.  For the past few weeks, I've been plagued with dry, itchy skin.  Now, I apply this serum water where ever excess dryness occurs. Not to mention how luxurious it feels to mist First Treatment Essence all over your body.  I feel like queens of old would bathe in milk for healthy skin.  I'm not slathering some drug store lotion on my skin, I'm misting with nourishing yeast and various healthy skin extracts.  Very upper echelon.  But at an affordable cost.

Today I checked Amazon and discovered that Missha actually released a facial mist.  Of course I had to buy it.  Once it arrives, I plan on misting my face with it every hour, on the hour.  Review coming soon.


  1. So I was totally going to buy this after seeing your posts on it but then I discovered something else that truly made my skin so soft and supple, that I'm gonna hold off on buying this skin hydrator. I actually referenced you on my post where I talked about me new holy grail & you can find it here --> Thanks for all the great tips Nadege. I'm still going to add this to my amazon wishlist and save it for when I need a treat or reward lol :)

  2. Hi Trisha!
    Omg, I love my humidifier so much that I decided to purchase a second unit. I have a review queued for a future post. Quick question, do you still sleep with your hair wrapped at night?

  3. I'll give this a try as the Missha Essence broke me out badly. I'll use it on my body instead


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