Battle of the double rowed, super detangling combs!

Years back, I was on a massive manhunt for effective tools to melt through tangles with the greatest of ease. My search lead me to multi-rowed combs.  They seemed to have the ability to power through tough knots and tangles without causing much damage to the hair (unlike the Tangle Teezer).  I found a few drug store brand versions with two rows of teeth but the most powerful of all the detangling combs I found was Ouidad's Double Tangling Comb.  This thing is massive.  But it found that it worked quite well. The only issue I had with the comb is that it seemed a bit awkward to use at times because of it's enormous size.

Then eventually I discovered Mason Pearson's rake comb and fell in love.  It just seems gentler on my hair in general.  Whenever I'm working through tangled hair with the Mason Pearson, my mind is at ease knowing that I'm using the most gentle comb I've ever come across. the back of my mind, I kinda missed the additional power that comes with the second row of teeth.
I'm happy to report that I may have found a perfect alternative to Ouidad's Double Row Comb.  While strolling through the aisles of my local Target, I stumbled upon a few things that immediately caught my eye.  First, they were having a buy 2 get one free sale on various hair accessories.  Without hesitation, I immediately reached for more of those amazing Goody hair pins that I love oh so much.  Then I ran further down the aisle and began filling my cart with Scunci No Slip gel ponytail holders (which are absolutely awesome).

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I noticed what looked like a smaller version of Ouidad's Double Row Comb.  It seems that Conair created their own version of the curl loving comb.  Except Conair's was smaller and their teeth had a squiggly pattern to it. I thought about it for about half a second before tossing that bad boy into my cart.
The next day I put it to the test.  The back of my hair is severely under processed and tangles easily.   Trying to comb through it on wash day is usually a challenge.  This time, I had the odd looking comb on my side.  Just as I suspected, it was much easier to maneuver than Ouidad's. Best of all, it worked.  Using short strokes, I was easily able to loosen those stubborn clumps that typically happen on wash days.  The combination of using both the Mason Pearson and Conair's double row comb together made the entire detangling session so much easier.  When comparing one super detangling comb to another, I would say that Ouidad's is built better.  This comb will come in extremely handy if you have LOTS of thick hair.  But since I detangle in smaller sections, Conair's version gives me better handling.  Both do a great job.

If anyone out there feeling defeated by the amount of work it takes to detangle your thick hair, please consider giving this unique looking comb a try.  Sure, the Conair comb is a bit of a knockoff, but I actually believe they improved on the design slightly by shrinking the comb. Not to mention the savings of $20.00 which you can use to buy another super detangling product, like It's a 10 Leave In.


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  2. I just purchased this! It's like the Ouidad com and the Wet comb had a baby.

  3. I just purchased the Conair comb today at Walgreens. What made me purchase it was I remember a double detangler comb that received raved reviews and it reminded me of it but I just couldn't remember the name. Other people have mentioned that its feels awkward to use the Ouidad comb. I like my Conair comb so far. Its really strong and sturdy.

    1. It's still one of my favorite combs to date. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

    2. I’ve been looking all over for this Conair comb. I can’t find it anywhere in stores except on eBay.


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