Monday Motivation | Time will validate all of your fears

Has this ever happened to you?  Out of no where, you're struck with inspiration to do something new like write a book, visit a foreign land, launch a business, etc. When the idea strikes, you can barely contain your excitement.  And you're 100% certain that this is it!  You will finally go after what you want.

But then, a little time passes and you start to weigh the pros and cons of what could happen if you move forward.  As you have your internal dialogue, you realize that some of the "cons" are new scenarios you haven't faced before.  Then you linger on the worst case scenarios and you subconsciously decide to put it off for another time or, worse yet, you abandon ship.

Or, maybe you're struck with an idea, then start your research.  You read books on the topic, listen to videos, and ask people for advice about your future endeavors.  Eventually, time passes and your intense passion, for the once amazing idea, starts to fade.

Time can act as an enemy to our intentions.  Example:  You decide to go to the gym tomorrow and when morning comes, you change your mind and choose to stay in bed.  What happened?  Two things: (1.) Time passed (2.) You experienced a shift in your mental & physical state.

Let's make a comparison between you and a snow globe.  When you have a spark of inspiration that excites you, it's like shaking a snow globe causing the contents to move rapidly inside the little dome. And, as you set the snow globe down, the particles begin to settle, slowly at first, but within a minute, everything has gone back to the way it was.
This is what happens with us.  The snow globe particles represents our level of excitement around the new possibility we've created for ourselves. When the idea first appears our energy and vibration is high.   But, when we allow time to pass, we begin to vibrate at a lower energy.  The lower our vibrational energy, the less likely we are to take action.

Having an awareness of this process is critical because, when we know what's happening, we can do something about it.  

There are times during the day when I'm super-motivated, and other times, when I don't want to do a thing.  I started paying attention to what was happening, both in a motivated state and when I was at my laziest.  Here's what I realized.

Motivation, for me, happens when these things were present.
1. When listening to others share their story of what they were able to accomplish.
2. Whenever I'm feeling good!
3. When I'm in movement.

Any of the three above acts like a catalyst that shakes up my snow globe.  Whenever I'm experiencing resistance, I know that I can instantly change my state by employing one, or more,  of these three techniques.  So if I'm in bed, feeling lazy about not wanting to work out, all I really need to do is to walk to my shoes and put them on (movement).  If that doesn't work, I can bounce on the rebounder for a few minutes (more intense movement) or rebound while I watch fitness motivation videos (combining movement +motivation).

Understand that none of us ever remain in a state of constant motivation.  Just like to snow globe particles, our energy starts to slow down. The slower our vibration, the less likely we are to move into action (which requires quite a bit of energy to initiate).  But just as snow globe particles work against gravity, we too have a negative force working against our momentum. And that is our fears, concerns and doubts.  They thrive in a low energy environment. This is why the best way to combat our fears is with energy and forward motion.

Here's your homework,  identify your motivation triggers to employ when you notice your excitement energy settling.  The best thing you can do in that situation is to implement your motivation strategy swiftly!

Speed is the fuel that will ignite all of your intentions.  Let's discuss the topic of speed more in a future post.

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  1. One thing I REALLY appreciate about your blog, is your analogies (like the snow globe)! It kind of drives your messages home for me or allows me to see into them a bit more deeply than without them.

    I'm definitely going to take the time out to figure what "shakes up my snow globe"! This post was very helpful, & posted at the right time, actually. Thank you!


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