2016 Beauty Resolutions


We're a month into the new year and I'm ashamed of myself for not setting some 2016 resolutions.  This year, I'll do things a bit different.  Instead of setting general goals like "take better care of myself,"  I've decided to set clearer intentions. That way, I can easily measure results and make necessary adjustments.  My resolutions are broken down by categories and today, we'll focus on the beauty intentions for 2016 (and beyond).

{Build a nightly routine}
If I had to choose one resolution to focus on from this entire list, it would be to develop and maintain a nightly beauty regimen.  I'll go into the details in a follow up post but I am completely sold on how much impact a nightly routine can have.  The actions we take at night can transform our skin, improve digestion, and nurture our hair.  My problem is I allow being tired to become an excuse for not conducting an evening self care regimen.  This year, I want to change all of that.

{Drink water first thing in the morning}
The other day, I read an interview where Carmen Electra detailed her morning ritual of drinking two full bottles of water first thing in the morning.  I can't even count the number of benefits one can experience from developing such a wonderful habit.  First, you are starting your day at optimum hydration levels.  Let's keep in mind how hard our bodies work while we sleep.  All night our cells are engaged in the repair process without any food or water.  Since water is considered nourishment for our cells, drinking upon waking is the equivalent of feeding our bodies.  Drinking 1-2 bottles of water in the morning sends a strong message that you are ready to give your body a head start on the day.  It's a great way to detox after a long night of regeneration.  Since I read that interview, I make sure to reach for water as soon as I start my day.

{Glow from the inside}
I think we've all had the experience where we ate well and stayed hydrated for a short period of time.  Our skin and body probably really benefited from it. Others even noticed and showered us with generous compliments.  But then, we backslide and start indulging in unhealthy foods again.  My intention for this year is to maintain that healthy glow as much as humanly possible.  Perhaps this means I should go back to drinking 1 gallon of water a day again.  Or maybe I'll reinstitute juicing in the mornings.  
{Smell amazing always}
I'm one of those people who only wear fragrance when I'm going somewhere special.  Every once in a while, I'll pass someone on the street wearing an intoxicating scent.  Each time that happened, I said to myself, "dang it, why didn't I wear perfume today?"  That's when I decided to stop hoarding my fragrances and actually enjoy them.   After identifying, a couple of staple scents, I started wearing perfume daily even if I had no where to go.  I did it as part of my feel good routine.  Whenever my mood started slipping, I'd take in the scent and immediately shift my energy.

{Enjoy a weekly pamper day}
One habit that I really let slip was the weekly pamper day.  On Sunday's I'd conduct an extended skin care routine.  Being consistent with this practice helped keep breakouts at bay and really made an impact on my acne scars.  Then I got complacent and soon the blemishes started to reappear.  Next thing you know,  I'm plagued with discoloration and now I'm paying for professional peels to bring things back in balance again.  This year, I want to leverage consistency with pamper days to create the best skin of my life. 

{Pay attention to the details}
Sometimes I watch a Youtube makeup tutorial and observe as a beauty guru takes like 30 seconds to apply mascara.  I loose patience just watching it because I can't fathom putting that much attention and focus on applying something as simple as mascara.  But, I guess that's why her lashes look amazing after application.  When careful attention is placed on the tiny details, the results shift from being mediocre to becoming exceptional.  It's about paying special attention when you paint your nails, groom your brows and style your hair.  Sure, it takes a little extra time in the beginning but in actuality, you're engaged in deliberate practice.  You're paying close attention to creating the exact outcome that you desire. Eventually, you can replicate the same amazing results in a fraction of the time. 

What resolutions have you set for yourself in 2016?


  1. I'm definitely trying to be more consistent with my nightly routine this year. When I'm on my game, I coat mt face with coconut oil as I give my 5 year old his nightly shower. I use a warm washcloth to remove makeup and put a little night cream around my eyes and mouth. Before I go to bed I cleanse with my clarisonic and cetaphil, apply my retin-a and eye cream, pin curl my hair, say my prayers and good night. Otherwise I too let fatigue get the best of me and don't cleanse my face like I should or prep my hair and I never feel like I am at my best the next day.

  2. A year ago I started a night time regimen of washing and moisturizing every night and also using my mint julep face masque a few times a week. Also I would do my affirmations daily and 1 of them was to have clean, clear bright beautiful skin and literally 2 weeks later there was a drastic difference in my skin. My face was clean, clear, bright and looked flawless. Needless to say I stopped a few weeks later. But I'm back on them now just started today. I guess it's true what they say faith with out works is dead. And we do have to speak things into existence.

  3. Hello,
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  4. Literally everything you listed would be a resolution for me as well! I think the only thing I'd add on is staying consistent with my workout routine.


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