Everyone's Obsessed with Ginger Shots! Here's why you should be too!

Every time a person of influence shares a glimpse of their favorite beauty or health product, I take a screenshot.  Recently, I noticed something peculiar.  Looking back at all the images captured over the past year or so, I've amassed a small collection of images of people proudly displaying their ginger tonics.

Is this a trend?

There has to be a reason why so many pseudo-celebrities are serious about making sure ginger is a part of their daily life.  Let's discuss a few reasons of why ginger shots should also be your newest obsession.
I'm no stranger to ginger.  I sometimes add a few ginger crystals to my tea.  When hubby got sick last winter, I made sure he brought some of the ginger packets to work.  But now that cold weather is behind us, I still plan on including ginger into my regular rotation.  Here's why.

One of the reasons why people often add ginger to tea and other beverages during cold and flu season is because it's both antifungal and anti-bacterial.  As a matter of fact, fresh ginger can actually prevent the cold virus from entering our cells.

Beyond the cold preventative properties, ginger can also help inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells. That's major.  If you've been exposed to toxic mold, drinking ginger will reduce some of the damage from toxic mold exposure.  Another huge benefit of ginger is how it can help reduce internal inflammation.  Some say that inflammation is the source of all chronic disease.  By including ginger into your daily routine, you could be fortifying your body against all types of ailments.

But, I suspect that these ladies are indulging in ginger because of the slimming body benefits.

One of which is ginger's ability to regulate blood sugar levels.  Guys, this is a key to weight management.  When we have elevated blood sugar levels, our body produces excess insulin. Raised insulin levels is also a signal to the body to store the sugar as fat.  Since ginger can help us maintain healthy blood sugar levels, this means that it can help prevent the unnecessary storage of fat.

Here's another thing, ginger is also a natural appetite suppressant.  So, not only does ginger help control your weight via blood sugar maintenance, it can also keep you from consuming too many calories.  How amazing is that?

Post meals, ginger is an excellent choice for helping to promote healthy digestion.  It reduces bloating while prompting your stomach to release additional acids that help your body to better break down food and absorb nutrients.

So many wonderful benefits in one powerful tonic. No wonder why everyone is crazy about ginger shots.  If you're ready to make ginger brews a regular part of your life, you can opt to make your own by juicing fresh ginger then diluting it with some lemon and water.  No fresh ginger on hand? Try a  ginger drink brewing bag.  Just toss it into some warm water and you're good to go.

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