[Try This] The Simple Mascara Hack that Creates the Lashes of Your Dreams

As a woman with tiny little eyes, I'm forever grateful for the advent of mascara.  Unfortunately for me, simply coating my lashes with mascara doesn't always produce the result I want.  I'm pretty sure that I own over 20 tubes of mascara.  Each one of them promised to give me the appearance of false lashes but many failed to deliver.

Over the years, I picked up a few tips to help improve the end result. Some worked well, others, not so much.  But today, I learned a new trick that made an immediate difference.  Best of all, the solution is absolutely free and takes only a second.
This answer that I've been waiting for is so easy that I kick myself for not figuring it out sooner.

Most of us have half a dozen or more mascaras in our possession.  The reason for this is because we're steadily looking for the absolute perfect mascara.  Little did we know that we may already have our holy grail mascara in our possession without even knowing it.

Let me explain.

My top 3 favorite mascaras are:
1. Heroine Make 
2. L'Oreal Telescopic
3. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

I adore these three because each of them has something to offer. I'm addicted to Heroine Make's long lasting, ultra black formula, but in all honesty, the wand is quite basic.  Telescopic has this tiny little wand that has the ability to find and enhance my tiny lashes.  And Charlotte Tilbury's mega wand gives me volume like no one else but the formula isn't all that great.

If only I could combine my favorites into one.  That would be a dream come true.   Today I realized that combining their qualities is actually possible.  All it took was dipping Telescopic's wand into Heroine Make's tube.  The combination of my favorite wand and my perfect formula created magic, unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  My lashes were ultra defined (thank's to Telescopic's wand) and very pronounced (shout out Heroine Make's ultra black pigment). This combination far surpasses all the mascara's I've ever tried.


If you have a mascara with an amazing formula but a so-so wand, it's ok to experiment to find your perfect combination.  Do a little swapping and see what difference it makes.  This could be a real game changer.

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