SnapChat Beauty Secret Roundup!

I remember the good 'ol days of Instagram where celebrities generously offered us glimpses into their personal lives.  Nowadays, Instagram feeds mainly consist of carefully selected images that don't really represent true life.

In the past, one might stumble upon a beauty tip revealed by one of our fave icons.  Once Instagram became a revenue-generating platform, things changed.  Luckily for us, Snapchat is here to save the day.  The nature of the app invites everyone to share what they are doing at that very moment.  As a result, celebrities are back to spilling their secrets.  I've screenshotted a few of these gems as I came across them.  Allow me to share a quick roundup of my favorite beauty secret reveals yet.
Kim K hasn't been active on social media for a while now.  I don't really follow her on Insta or Twitter but something told me to add her to my Snapchat just incase something like this happened.  Within days of adding her, she revealed her morning routine.


 Prior to displaying the products, she made sure to snap a text post stating that what we were about to see was "not an ad."  This meant that she was showing us her true faves.  Then Kim proudly displays her LaMer collection including their Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream, their Perfecting Treatment, Serum Concentrate, and the Renewal oil which comprises of various plant-based oils and skin loving extracts.

But before layering on the multitude of LaMer products, Kim reaches for these wipes.
KIKO Scrub & Peel wipes seem to be her favorite.  From what I gather, these wipes are special because of their exfoliating qualities.  But, unlike Dr. Dennis Gross' wipes, these offer manual exfoliation due to the raised texture.  I love using makeup removal wipes but sometimes I'm looking for that something extra.  Exfoliating wipes just may be the answer.

Meagan Good carries around Clearasil pads in her bag.  Kim K prefers these rosewater based cleansing pads.  Apparently, In Transit No Traces pads leave the skin feeling hydrated and completely free of makeup.  So if you have a drier skin type, be sure to check these out.
 I happened to be on a live Instagram session yesterday held by young up and coming model & Instagram star Kendra Bailey.   She was about to attend her little brother's basketball game and wanted to chat with her followers before heading out.  Just before jumping off the live stream, she informed the audience that she had to go do her lashes. Someone had the common sense to ask the right follow-up question.  Kendra read the question and answered, "I use L'Oreal Telescopic mascara."  The video ended and I realized that this was not the first time that I heard someone claim this mascara as their holy grail.  When I hear a product mentioned over several instances, I take it as a sign.

Enough was enough, I had to finally try it for myself.  Let me tell you all, that this is probably my new fave.  The weird looking wand has the ability to capture my puny little lashes and make them look extraordinary.  I still love Heroine Make's formula but Telescopic transforms my lashes.  I plan on combining the two so I can pair Telescopic's lengthening capabilities with Heroine Make's long lasting formula.
I added Zendaya after seeing a pic of her flaunting her glowing skin on Snap.  What I've realized after following her for a short while is that Zendaya loves her sheet masks.  Although she hasn't yet revealed which brand is her favorite, she gives us a clear reminder that hydrated skin is most important above all.

Speaking of hydration.  Check out this awesome "model tip" from former Ameria's Next Top Model contestant, Mame.  This girl has been keeping busy with modeling gigs ever since the show completed.  So far, she's only shared this one beauty tip and I think it's a good one.  Instead of wearing your typical sheet masks, Mame opts for more targeted hydrating by employing what appears to be gel pads.  Not sure how well these work but I like the idea of using gel pads to keep the moisture in longer.

In keeping with the hydration theme, let's wrap up this compilation with the most powerful beauty secret of all.
Gabrielle is here to bring us our daily reminder that we should be water-drinking warriors.  It's one thing to read an article where Gabby talks about drinking adequate water, but when she snaps a pic with said gallon, it creates a new level of inspiration.  This isn't the first time that she's shared this reminder.  Is it any wonder that we never catch this girl on an off day. Her skin stays flawless. And that's because homegirl is consistent.  Consistency pays off big time. 

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