Meagan Good Revealed What's In Her Bag. Let's Take a Look!

Who doesn't love a good "What's in my bag" video? They're probably my favorite thing to watch on Youtube.  Sometimes I wish more celebrities had YouTube channels so we can see what they carry with them as they travel from destination to destination.

It seems like the folks at US Magazine have read my mind.  Because they're asking the real questions by inviting celebrities to reveal what's in their bag.  Last year, they asked Meagan Good to spill the beans and here's what happened.

The first thing I need to mention is that Meagan is a woman after my own heart.  She's a member of #teamhugebag and we love to carry about everything humanly possible.  It makes sense for her because her travel schedule is probably insane.  Me? I have no excuses for carrying around ginormous purses filled with a random collection of stuff, I.....I have a problem.

But I digress.  In her Louis Neverfull, Meagan carries everything from beauty essentials to her travel documents.  I suspect this isn't what she carries around with her every day. It's probably what she totes around when she's on the move.
via US Magazine
Let the analysis begin!

First, let's talk about the obvious then we'll get into the products that she mentions in the interview which aren't pictured here.

The first thing that jumps out at me is the giant bottle of Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Face Wash.  We all are probably aware that Meagan has oily (beautiful) skin.  I'm guessing that she carries around a full-size bottle of her favorite face wash so we can freshen her skin by cleansing prior to late day meeting or event.  This cleanser is an all natural formula loaded with herbal extracts, coconut oil, and (of course) tea tree.  One study found that tea tree oil can be just as effective in treating acne as benzoyl peroxide.  No wonder this girl's skin remains flawless.

Not far from the facial cleanser, you might notice Meagan's jar of Clearasil Hyra-Blast Oil-Free Pads. I haven't paid much attention to the Clearasil brand since graduating high school (eons ago).  But, I gotta tell ya, these look pretty interesting.  The packaging claims that these pads will "gently exfoliate & keep skin clear of breakouts."  Salicylic Acid is the hero ingredient.  As you may recall, salicylic acid can have some really positive benefits.  Hmmmm..... Maybe I should give these a shot.  Actually, I think I'll pick up their Ultra Pore Cleansing Pads.  They have a slightly higher customer review rating and (I think) I higher percentage of salicylic acid.   Are you noticing that there are not 1 but 2 acne controlling products in her bag?  I'm thinking that she uses them for oil control but both have the ability the ward off breakouts. I keep seeing examples of people with flawless skin who use acne control products.  Maybe prevention is the real cure after all.

Partially obstructed is a tube of Peter Thomas Roth's Mega-Rich Body Lotion.  It's an ultra-nourishing, long-lasting, lotion loaded with multi-vitamins & shea butter.  I'm trying to stick with natural oils instead of using lotions but a bunch of the reviewers are converts who purchased full-sized bottle after receiving a sample while staying at a hotel.  You know that this Mega-Rich lotion has to be good if a hotel sample is making all these people buy the real thing.  I'm definitely adding to my wishlist.  Thanks for the recommendation Meagan!  😘

Not pictured is her bottle of Nutra Bisse Diamond Facial Mist.  For the most part, her to-go beauty items are pretty drug-store-ish.  That's a good thing, but I also wondered if she splurged on any luxury brands.  Nutra Bisse is the ultimate high-end skincare brand that many celebrities love and she is no exception.  Meagan opts to carry a bottle of their "diamond water" with her at all times.


So why would she choose to invest nearly $100.00 in a facial mist?  I scanned the ingredient list for "finely ground diamonds" but there weren't any.  But I did find pea extract which we know has some great properties.  The mist seems to "refreshen and awaken" the skin according to its product description and the reviews I've read online.  My guess is that Meagan uses this beauty mist to give her skin an awesome glow after using the Tea Tree cleanser and/or Clearasil pads.  I'm sure those products strip away some of the skin's natural luster and the Diamond Mist, brings it back to its glory within a matter of seconds.

Lastly, let's discuss the couple health related items that Meagan carries with her.  I'm sure you noticed the full-size bottle of her Whole Foods Multi-Enzyme supplements.  It's essentially a blend of various plant enzymes to help break down the foods we eat.  As you know, I've recently incorporated pineapple enzymes into my supplementation routine.  I've forgotten to take them lately because my digestion has been so good thanks to my conscious eating experiment.  Meagan reminds us that our digestive health should always remain a priority.  Proper digestion leads to healthier skin, a flatter tummy and increased nutrient absorption.

The other health related item that Meagan has on hand are to-go packets of green tea.  In the brief interview, she says green tea gives her energy but I also suspect that they help her keep her lean figure.  Drinking several cups of green tea daily can help boost metabolism and positively impact cholesterol levels.  I like the fact that she's got a mix of both health and beauty items with her.  I've just started doing that again starting with my new go-to skinny tea.  Maybe I'll add powdered green tea to either my lemon water or bamboo tea and see how that goes.

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