[SnapChat Beauty Secret] Brittany Hampton revealed her favorite skinny tea. Let's make our own!

It's nearly impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing your favorite influencers poised as they proudly display a package of skinny tea.  Somewhere in the caption, they mention a positive comment about the tea and provide a coupon code for their followers to utilize.

I've sorta become blind to these not-so-subtle advertisements.  But, the other day, I was introduced to a Snapchat Beauty Secret that immediately caught my attention.  In it, former House of DVF Brand Ambassador Brittany Hampton,  flashed an image of a bottle of what appeared to be fresh, cold pressed juice.
Holding a bottle of raw juice is one thing, but what really caught my attention was her caption which read "my skinny tea."  The first thought that come to mind was "why is she calling this juice her skinny tea."   That's when I moved in closer to read the ingredients which included apple, lemon, cayenne, and ginger.  

As I quickly assessed the ingredients, I classified it as more of a "cleansing tea." And I was right.  According to makers of this juice blend this Spicy Apple drink can be added as part of a week long juice cleanse.  

But Brittany referred to this as her skinny tea.  And it sorta makes sense when we think about the detox properties of lemon juice. We've talked about the immense benefits of incorporating warm lemon water into your morning routine to kick start your digestion.  Then I wondered, beyond improved digestion, do these ingredients contain properties that help promote a slimmer figure?
@brittanyhampton in all of her fabulous glory.

After a little bit of Googling, I soon learned that lemon, ginger and cayenne each have the ability to boost our metabolism.  That's right, this wonderful blend of ingredients not only helps kick up our digestion, but they can actually help us burn more calories (and fat) by stimulating our metabolism and increasing our energy expenditure.  Beyond that, this super-cleansing tonic is loaded with vitamin C (to promote a healthy immune system) which is perfect for this time of year.

I don't know about you, but whenever I drink lemon or lemon ginger, I automatically feel full and my appetite is gone.  It's like my body immediately utilizes the goodness of the brew and wants to focus on using the properties of the drink.  By suppressing my appetite (temporarily), it frees up energy that would normally be used to digest food and allocate it elsewhere.  
Brittany and her ever glowing skin

Let me tell you about a shortcut method to creating this detox drink.  For as long as I can remember, I've searched for a way to travel with lemons.  When I'm on the go, I tend to eat unhealthy foods which eventually catches up to me.  Typically, drinking lemon water in the morning helps balance that out. But when, I'm on the road, I have to go without.  Soon my stomach starts bloating and my skin starts to freak out.  Then I remembered a friend who once shared her own skinny weight loss tonic.  During our text convos, she introduced me to a product called True Lemon that she raved about.  This stuff is all natural and made with 100% real lemon (no additives).  As soon as I returned from a trip to New York, I immediately purchased.  

You guys, this stuff tastes EXACTLY like real lemons.  I put two of the tiny packets in room temp water and I instantly have lemon water.  No mess.  Then I add a packet of a dried ginger crystals which tastes like fresh ginger and gives my drink a nice kick.  Finally I add a pinch of cayenne and substitute apples for a little apple cider vinegar for even more detox properties.  This works exceptionally well when I'm feeling a little lazy because I can whip up a batch in literally seconds.  Best of all, it tastes amazing!  

When more time is available, I use real lemon and fresh ginger.  I suspect that using real ingredients brings with it additional properties like live enzymes and added nutritional value. 

A couple of hours from now, I'm meeting a friend at Starbucks.  I'll make sure to have packets of True Lemon and ginger on hand.  Instead of indulging in a high calorie seasonal beverage, I'll ask for 2 cups of hot water. One to create a batch of this spicy skinny tea and one to brew a cup of Beautifully Bamboo tea (gotta get my long nails back).  Hopefully, the feeling of fullness will set in quickly thereby preventing me from buying a slice of  pumpkin bread.  

 Some of those flat tummy teas are pretty expensive since they have to pay the infinite number of pseudo-celebrity influencers #noshade.  Why not whip up your own batch of all natural immune boosting juice, loaded with antioxidant, alkalizing properties that stimulate your own natural metabolism? 

It's a no brainer. 

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  1. I've been drinking Braggs Apple Cider vinegar and fresh squeezed lemon juice for quite some time now. It has been nothing short of amazing for my digestive health - literally life changing! As far as my skin or weight, can't say that I've seen any miraculous effects. But to be fair, my weight and skin are quite normal. Even so, for digestive health alone, I will NEVER give up this concoction!


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