How to Take Inspiration From Others to Create Massive Successs

In the day and age of social media, we're constantly bombarded with inspirational quotes, images, and testimonials.  In fact, a lot of these public online figures purposely utilize the strategy of living an aspirational life to draw you in. 

It's easy to crave a lifestyle that resonates with you and based on carefully crafted images.  But I want to talk about what it will take to bring that lifestyle into reality. 
Altering your current reality is not an easy feat. Why? Because your current reality is comprised of all the thoughts, actions, and habits that we've maintained on a consistent basis.  Everything we currently experience is linked to our past and present behaviors. 

So if we want to live a life that's closer to our inspiration, something has to change. 

There are a few main strategies that I've taken whenever I wanted to alter my current situation. 

  • Massive Action
  • Consistent Action
  • Practicing LOA
  • Inspired Action
Massive Action
When you've had enough and want your life to change as quickly as possible, that's when you use the strategy of massive action.  The massive action strategy is quite powerful.  It's unsustainable in the long term but it can quickly change your current circumstances.  An example of when I took massive action in the past was when I requested vacation time off from work and dedicate practically ALL of that free time towards moving forward with one of my goals.   Things can change pretty quickly when you dedicate a bulk of your time and energy toward realizing your goals instead of simply fantasizing about them.  

The key to this strategy is to fully accept that it's not sustainable to be in a state of massive action indefinitely.  I typically try to incorporate massive action bursts, into my life from time to time.  If I go too long without incorporating massive action energy, my results (and lifestyle) will suffer.  As I write this post, I realize that it's been a while since I've executed a massive action sprint.  All it takes is one or two days (or maybe a week) of intense focused action and things can drastically change for the better.  During my massive action period, nothing is off limits.  All those tasks that I've been avoiding must get done!   There are no excuses during times of massive action.  The only thing I'm focused on is pushing through and doing whatever necessary to cause/create change.  

Consistent Action
Taking massive action requires a lot of effort.  The consistent action method is ideal if you are short on time or if you are juggling a lot of other responsibilities.   Basically, I pick 1-3 actions to do each week that will move the needle forward on my progress.  This is the perfect compromise for when time is limited.  The last thing you want to do is to wait too long to take action towards your goals.  So, as you plan your week, always incorporate several actions that will have a direct impact on your life.  This week, you're going to do a bunch of status quo stuff that keeps your life on its current path.  If you want to experience the kind of life that you're inspired by, you must inject actions that can cause a shift.  Ideally, if you can incorporate 1 action per day, you'll make huge progress in just one short week.  

Law of Attraction
Whenever I find myself lacking in action, I do the bare minimum by incorporating Law of Attraction techniques.  This requires the least amount of physical activity but it still works to some extent.  I'll sometimes incorporate LOA tactics like the feel-good method, visualization," always be creating," and other similar strategies to help change the direction of my life.  When I apply LOA methods consistently, my life seems to shift without much physical effort from me.  LOA techniques may not alter my physical reality as quickly as the other tactics but it still can produce some results.  At the very least, practicing LOA helps keep me motivated until it's time to take massive or consistent action. 

Inspired Action
The last type of action that will help close the gap between inspiration and reality is immediate, inspired action.   This is where I take one step while in the midst of inspiration.  Inspiration is a feeling that doesn't last forever.  I like to take advantage of the inspiration zone by doing something.  The results from taking that one inspired action will remain long after that feeling of inspiration is gone.  And it will serve as a trigger to keep moving forward.  For example, I had the idea to develop a nourishing & restorative facial oil. Within days of receiving the idea, I researched and ordered a small batch of glass bottles for the product.  Some time has passed since I received the initial idea and I'm not as inspired as initially. But once that shipment of bottles arrives, I'll have a renewed sense of excitement.  From there, I'll apply consistent action to bring the product to the marketplace.  

 Lack of inspired action is the major reason why most ideas die before they ever become real. We're constantly being inspired by our favorite online personalities, yet how much action are we taking as a result of that inspiration? 

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