This Tiny Beauty Tool Has Taken My Skin's Moisture to New Levels.


I've done my fair share of hunting for amazing skin products.  At one point I stopped and asked myself,  "is it possible that instead of looking for the next best thing that I should seek out the ideal method of delivery?"

For the most part, we all apply skin care products using our hands.....and there's nothing wrong with that.  But what if we could enhance the experience (and results) by incorporating other methods that could be even more effective?
I've been thinking a lot about the possibility that products applied on the skin using varying methods could produce better penetration and improved results.  If you think about how we apply foundation, for example, using a foundation brush produces a different result than our hands. I dipped my toe into this theory back in 2017 when I discovered a hack for applying liquid skin products in a simple and amazing way.

The hack was pretty straightforward. All I needed was to purchase a tiny roller ball for a few dollars and I would be good to go!  The idea was to utilize the miniature roller ball as a means to apply my hydrating serums in areas that required a bit more attention to my undereye area for example.

The idea soon evolved to using my roller ball on all the areas of my face that required a more focus.  It wasn't long before I was rolling the tiny forehead wrinkles, my nasal labial folds, and the corners of my eyes.  I did all of this on the assumption that the roller ball method would actually make a difference but no proof whatsoever.

After incorporating this method into my routine, I became convinced of its merit.  Allow me to share a few reasons why I love this so much!

Less Waste
Last year I bit the bullet and invested a sizable sum so I could finally get my hands on LaMer's Treatment Lotion.  The reviews were too good for me to pass up.  Truthfully, I didn't want to love the product but I did.  It hydrates my skin in such a beautiful way.  But, as time went on, I felt that just merely splashing my face this miracle liquid was inadequate.   I wanted it to be massaged into my skin on a micro level.  The tiny roller ball was the answer I was searching for.  Even though the product was deeply absorbed into my skin, the visual effects remained visible for much longer.  I always kept the tiny roller ball of serum close by which allowed me to use it multiple times a day without having to use a ton of product.  The roller ball only releases a small amount of liquid at a time which made the application process more efficient than if I were to only use my hands.

Concentrated Efforts
My entire strategy around this roller ball method is to consciously choose the areas of my face that could benefit from the additional product.  I anticipate that, over time, this technique of treating problem areas on a micro level will pay off big time.  I plan on experimenting with using the roller to massage in vitamin C serum on areas with discoloration to see if that can help speed up results.

For anyone dealing with dry patches on certain areas on your face, this method is for you!

Skin Stimulation
One of my favorite, non-expected, outcomes from this experiment is how I've been able to use the roller bar to really massage the product into my skin.  I can apply as little or as much pressure as I want.  If I chose to go for a little more pressure, it's much more intense than what I can produce from using my hands alone.  I'm one of those people who believes in the power of intense stimulation as a way to promote regeneration and health.  A lot of traditional advice tells you to be gentle on your face. But if you pay attention to how your body works, you'll know that massage/stimulation promotes blood flow. Blood flow brings with it oxygen and nutrients.  Healthy blood flow to the face is a must!

The reason why I'm bringing this ritual back into rotation is because we're heading into dry skin season.  We've recently discussed the power of moisturizing frequently.  This technique allows me to apply targetted moisture several times a day with no fuss.  I'm also banking heavily on the possibility that this method could pay off in a big way, long-term, if done consistently.  At the very least, I'll never experience dry skin again and maybe the roller ball massage might even stimulate collagen production.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. I was looking for a way to avoid waste.


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