Break The Habit of Living In Auto Pilot.

Welcome to another Monday.  I used to think that Mondays were the worst! But now I've come to appreciate Mondays as an important tool when it comes to goal achievement.  Every single Monday marks the beginning of a new (work) week.  It's the perfect opportunity to set the direction for our week ahead.  If we aren't careful, this week will come and go in the blink of an eye and nothing will change.  

But that's not what we want.  We want to be able to affect the outcome of our week.  We want to have active participation in creating the life we desire.  Let's discuss exactly how to do that. It's important to remember that our week already has a set trajectory.  Chances are, this week will play out almost identically to last week and the week before.  This pattern will likely continue on for months. It's up to us to interject the natural course of our week in order to create our new reality.

Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to change the direction of our lives so we step back and allow life to happen.  The days and weeks go by so fast that we sometimes give up control and experience life on autopilot.   

Mondays can serve as a reminder that another mundane week is about to begin.....or Monday can become that day that we decide to set the direction for our week (and our lives).  This doesn't have to be a huge process.  All you have to do is answer these questions:

What was missing from my life last week that I'd like to experience this week?
What can I do this week to affect how I feel, how I look, how much I earn, etc?

The truth is, you have the ability to incorporate a few small changes this week that can change the direction in which you are heading.  Simply put, all you have to do is insert a few new behaviors into your week.  

Some simple examples include:
1. If you chose to incorporate salads and daily walks this week, you could be a few pounds lighter by this time next Monday.  
2. If you set aside 30-45 minutes a day cleaning, you could enjoy lounging in a clean, decluttered home this weekend.
3.  If you create a written, detailed plan on how to manage your debt, you can change your financial future.  Fun fact, I did this a few times last year. Several Monday financial planning sessions led to the elimination of my student loan debt and other monthly expenses.  I now look forward to enjoying more disposable income this year. 
4.  If you were to take the next step in building your business, you could be one week closer to securing your freedom.  

Play around with the "what ifs." What if you engaged in this process every single Monday?  What would happen if you took consistent steps all week towards creating the life you want? Today is the time to decide how your week will play out.  What do you want to experience by this time next week? Next month, next year?  

Mondays could be the key to your freedom. 

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