Instagram Beauty Secret // Your New Holy Grail for Soft, Beautiful Hands (& Feet).

One of my favorite things in life is to jump on an Instagram live only to stumble on a beauty secret reveal.  I've come across some great nuggets while stalking IG lives.  One of my favorite instances was learning the power of using witch hazel in the war against acne.

Yesterday I stumbled on yet another amazing find that I can't wait to share with you all.
I just happened to be on the live broadcast of Sheneka Adams.  I've talked about her a couple times in past articles.  In fact, Sheneka was featured in my very first Instagram Beauty Secrets post way back when.  Sheneka was also featured in a recent beauty secret post after revealing her best kept beauty secret of indulging in fruit-flavored collagen chews fortified with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

On almost every live, viewers are flooding her comment section with details on her skin care reggie.  Her answer usually consists of a short discourse on the importance of healthy eating and consuming large amounts of water.   Yesterday was no different, but this time, she dug into her designer handbag and pulled out a product that she recommended to everyone.

Coincidentally, this product was also recommended to her by someone.  After trying it, she quickly fell in love.  After positioning the product in front of the camera, she urged all of us to grab a screenshot because it was "absolutely amazing."

What Sheneka was holding wasn't your typical facial care product.  It was a hand cream. But she swore by this hand cream for soft, supple hands.  Most people, including myself, don't give much thought to what lotion we use on our hands.  As long as it smells nice and gets the job done, we're happy.

Immediately upon taking the screenshot, I flew over to Amazon to see what other people were saying about this cream.   Here are just a few of the glowing reviews:

October 23, 2018
Size: Combo PackVerified Purchase

April 28, 2016
This cream is amazing! It immediately made my hands feel so moisturized and were 10x softer! Not only that, my hands look younger! I love this stuff!
People are just as obsessed with Glysomed hand cream as Sheneka!  Many of the reviews were from women who lived in extremely cold climates or worked in industries that required lots of handwashing.  This proves that Glysomed is highly effective when used under severe circumstances.  But, Sheneka is an entrepreneur and lives in Atlanta.  Sure, it gets cold there sometimes but I wouldn't consider it to be harsh weather.  Yet, she reaches for one of the best performing hand creams on the market.   Any old hand cream just won't do.

Anyway, I absolutely have to try this hand cream for myself and see what all the fuss is about.  I'm thinking of using it on my feet, hands, and elbows as an overnight treatment.   I'm hoping that this will be my holy grail dry skin product that will become a staple for life.

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  1. Many years ago I purchased this lotion from the Dollar Tree and to this day I am SO upset I didn't stock up! Some of the best lotion I've ever used, period. I won't say it's completely waterproof, but it does a good job staying on the skin for a sufficient amount of time.


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