Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 8

It's been a while since I've done an Instagram Beauty Secrets roundup.  One reason for this is because I want to keep the integrity of posts to ensure that these are beauty products that celebrities & Instagrammers actually love.  Nothing #sponsored here.

Let's get started!
Hannah Bronfman (pictured above) is no stranger here. We've already peeked insider of her fridge, it seems only fair to know what skin products she's obsessed with.  Not too long ago she shared an Instagram story featuring a product created by a woman with more than 20 years of development experience in the cosmetics industry.

The backstory behind this brand is that the founder discovered its main active ingredient (Centella Asiatica) while researching ways to eliminate a stubborn scar.  Essence 27 is described as "a moisturizing booster fluid which provides the skin with the moisture it needs while enhancing cell tone." I have no idea what "enhancing cell tone" means. But, if I had to guess, I suspect that it has something to do with keeping the skin cells plump and firm. That's why they load this product with hyaluronic acid, known for its uber moisture retention properties.  Centella extract is been shown to have a positive effect on wound healing and collagen synthesis.  I would've loved to have a serum like this back when I was suffering from cystic acne.  All I cared about was finding products to reduce/eliminate acne.  I didn't even think about using serums that helped the skin to properly repair and heal.  Years later, I'm spending lots of money to correct these deeper scars.  Looking at the price point, this is definitely a splurge item.  But, for what it claims to do, it could be a great investment.  Anytime someone with great skin gets excited about a product, I listen because it means that they notice a real difference even though their skin was already perfect.

Here's a vid featuring Hannah as she runs through her morning skin routine.

Did you notice all the steps involved? Here's a rundown of all the products used.

  • Line Botancials Cleanser
  • Lotion P50 from Biologique Reserche
  • Niod Copper Activator
  • Cosmetic 27 Essence + their Eye Cream
  • Bloodcream from Dr. Barbara Sterm


Mega-makeup influencer Amrezy Olevic is known for creating flawless makeup looks.  Everyone knows that in order to create a flawless look, one must start with a flawless face.  I follow her on Snapchat and have seen her without makeup countless times.  This woman's skin is impeccable. For the longest time, she never shared any of her favorite skin care products. day.....she posted this with the simple caption "New Favorite Mask."
The highlight of this mask is that it both DETOXIFIES and BRIGHTENS most detoxifying masks clean your pores and that's it.  But Brilliant Skin claims to do both. We know that the pink clay will cleanse deeply but how does the mask brighten?  According to the brand, it brightens by helping to prevent free radical damage via ingredients like mangosteen and kelp.  If you're in the market for a clay-based mask that also brightens through exfoliation you may want to check out this brand which features pink clay + rice enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin.  It's also about half the price.

I check in on Sheneka's SnapChat stories because this woman a great example of consistency.  She works out almost on a daily basis and she enjoys the finer things in life.  Every so often, she'll share a glimpse of her favorite beauty items.
Years ago, when I first learned of the benefits of collagen, I tried and fell in love with, collagen chews.  It seems as if Sheneka is also a fan of these chewy anti-aging treats.  Hers seem way more powerful than the ones I tried.  These Collagen Replenish chews also contain hyaluronic acid to preserve internal moisture and vitamin C which is essential for collagen building.   

Sheneka deemed them as one of her best-kept beauty secrets.  I co-sign on the goodness of collagen.  If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, I suggest you start soon. Sheneka is under the age of 30 and she's already ahead of the game.  Don't wait until you start noticing collagen loss to supplement.  Collagen decline starts at around 20. Once we hit 30, the rate of loss increases and it only gets worse from there.  Take Sheneka's advice of supplementing now so you can thank her later.


  1. these are just my faaaavorite posts. Thank you for rounding all of this up! I need to get collagen sups.

    1. Glad you like these posts. I'm doing another one next week! :)


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