The Highly Potent Form of Vitamin C that's Giving Everyone Amazing Skin.

As you may already know, I recently touched on the topic of incorporating the help of vitamin C in the battle for flawless skin.  The article was inspired by a comment I read on a forum where a woman who loaded up on vitamin C to battle a stubborn cold experienced glowing skin as an unintended side effect.

Once the article was published, I received a comment that was so valuable that I felt the need to continue this conversation of vitamin C and how it can transform our health & our skin.

Here's what the commenter had to say:
"Lypo-Spheric vitamin c packets have proven to be the very best. They really help with collagen production and overall immune system. The liquid packs also absorb into the blood stream faster. Not only do they improve the skin but you should read about cancer prevention through vitamin c. I take. 2 packs a day 1 in the am and 1 in The p.m. After about a week or so I started to notice that my skin was glowing my pores looked smaller and everyone around me was getting sick except me. A month later my blemish marks are noticeably fading. To experience these types of results so quickly was very motivating for me because with natural products typically you have to take them for a very long time (and faithfully) to see results which is nothing wrong with that but instant results are always nice."

I don't know about you, but the comment gave me goosebumps.  This person was basically putting us on to her glowing skin vitamin C secret.

Immediately, I darted to Amazon to look up Lypo-spheric vitamin C and was introduced to a world that I never knew existed.  Hours later, I read dozens of reviews just like the comment above from people who transformed their skin thanks to the highly absorbable, ultra-potent form of vitamin C.

Here are just a few:
 "It's only been a week and I noticed a difference in my skin. And I did what other reviews said. Take a shot glass with juice and knock it down. I can justify the cost if my skin changes this much for the better."

- I have noticed the big increase in my skin's elasticity and lines disappearing. More energy and definitely noticed my body improving on myofacial pain issues. 

- The most important thing is that it does its job and boy does this company get it right. My skin is glowing and I feel wonderful. A must-have for your supplement pyramid! I won't be buying other types of vitamin c anymore

- This stuff is amazing. Just put it in a small amount of water and drink all at once. Easy. I started taking this with a collagen protein supplement and within a week my skin was nearly glowing, much smoother and clear-toned. I had read that the body needs Vit C to use collagen. The collagen I was taking was not doing all that much until I added this Vit C . Then I saw a difference.  

- Using this lyposomal vitamin C makes my skin perfect in the craziest way, like it's glowing and practically juicy. I'm not really exaggerating either, as I got compliments on my skin - something that's never happened in my life before. I have this one giant wrinkle between my eyebrows that pretty much disappeared when I used this product for three months. I also have/had bacne, which disappeared as well, but has reappeared since switching away from this.

- I bought this not too long ago and I'm down on my 20th packet. It gives me extra energy and I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin feels more glowing and tighter. I will definitely continue taking this one as long as I live. Great product overall! Will recommend to everyone. ;)

This was just a sampling of the glowing skin reviews.  I came across so many more.  Apparently, when people take vitamin C in liposomal form, they experience optimal benefits.  Liposomal means that the nutrients are in a highly absorbable form that easily assimilated into the cells and bloodstream due to its molecular size.  And, can we talk about how much more powerful our collagen intake will become once we supplement with enough bioavailable vitamin C?  I get excited just thinking about it.

After I wrote the first article on vitamin C and its potential skin benefits, I went out and bought some low-cost capsules.  Unfortunately, most of it won't be absorbed.  Hence, those wonderful skin benefits  I hope for may never manifest.  Thank God for this anonymous person who left the comment that could possibly change my life.

As I researched the skin benefits of incorporating high-quality vitamin C into my life, I soon learned of the amazing medicinal properties of this antioxidant.  I'm sure we're all aware of how vitamin C can help us a common cold. But I had no idea that vitamin C was used in stronger doses to treat a slew of chronic illnesses.  If you search on YouTube, you'll find a slew of medical professionals proclaiming that most of us aren't getting enough vitamin C in our diet.

In the animal kingdom, most species have the ability to produce vitamin C to help fight against illness.  Most of them naturally produce extremely large amounts of this powerful antioxidant on a daily basis.  Humans, for some reason, can't make vitamin C internally.  So we have to supplement through diet. Most vitamin C advocates claim that we don't get nearly enough to keep our immune system strong.  Especially in the highly toxic world we live in.  That's why we're always fighting colds, infections, and other ailments.

I'm not here to tell you how much vitamin C you should take a day. But I do want you to do some research.  Perhaps some of us are vitamin C deficient and don't realize it.  Most of you have a vitamin C serum that you apply each morning in hopes of creating brighter, healthier skin.  Perhaps incorporating a high-quality vitamin C internally is the missing piece that will unlock our skin's greatest potential.

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  1. Firstly, I need to say that I love your blog - the well researched articles, consistency, beautiful images and truly useful practical information! Its the only blog I read on a regular basis. I've been enjoying your blog for ages, so all this is long over due.

    Now, this Vitamin C thing...I was taking pure Vit C as absorbic acid (1/4 teaspoon in water, maybe 4 times a day) for other reasons. In about two weeks time, I noticed that my acne scars had vanished! Was amazing. Technically I was overdosing on vit C, but its apparently its not harmful, gets washed out.


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