FOUND! The Perfect Pinky Nude Polishes for Brown Skin

Lately, I've been obsessed with finding the perfect pinkish-nude nail polish.  For the past few years, I've pretty much relied on my staple nail polish -- Essie's Sand Tropez.  I own several bottles and I believe everyone should have this color in their collection.

But lately, my eyes have been set on a different shade of nude.  Before we know it, spring will be here.  We must prepare now by finding out perfect pinky nude.

The shade you see in the picture above is of OPI's Tickle My Fance-y.  I love this shade because it's muted pink that works perfectly with brown skin.  It's a subtle, yet bold color that I absolutely must try.

Next on my list of potential shades to try is Essie's Princess Charming. As you can see, this polish looks great on pretty much any skin tone.  Plus, I love Essie's formula so this one is definitely a yes for me.
I'm not sure the name of the polish in this image but I have begun the search.  Currently, I've got my eye on Essie's Ladylike or Essie's Gel Couture in Touch Up (pictured below).

 According to the product description, Essie's Gel Couture can last up to 14 days.  No lamp required.  For this reason alone, I think I'll experiment with their gel couture line first before trying hues from others.

Now that I have my running list of potential pinky nudes, next I search for the perfect red polish and my list will be complete.  Once I have a roundup of my favorite red's, I'll be sure to share.

If you're still looking for the perfect neutral shade, make sure to check out this post.


  1. There are 3 nail colors that I think you might like, that are in the nude range as well. 1) Milani nail polish in Teddy Brown. 2) Opi nail polish in Over the Taupe. 3) Opi nail polish in Inside The Isabelleway. The last colors are posted on my IG: talesofapj. Feel free to take a look at the colors, when you have a chance.

  2. Mauve Over by Sally Hansen is a great pinky nude for brown skin too

  3. Tickle my francy is the bomb dot com!!! i found it at kroger the other day and couldnt pass it up

  4. I've tried all the products except essence lotion. huhu I'm so curious. I love the scent, not too soft but not too hard. Anyway, you skin looks amazing! (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)


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