Rave| Etude House Collagen Moisture Stick

I'm becoming a huge fan of Etude House's collagen-based hydrating products.  My love affair began when I stumbled their Collagen Lotion Emulsion.  It's a lightweight lotion with super-hydration powers.

From there, I decided to graduate to a richer, thicker formula. So I moved on to their collagen cream.  I purchased this product during the warmer months and found it to be too rich and nourishing.  But, when winter came along, this cream and I became inseparable.  It's rich and creamy yet easily melts into the skin, hydrating it in an instant.

Since I was striking gold with Etude House products, I decided to go through their selection on Amazon to see if I was missing out.  Little did I know that I would soon stumble upon of my favorite purchases yet.
Prior to scouting my next purchase, I set an intention to find a hydrating product that also produced a natural, soft, dewy glow.  I didn't search long before I stumbled on exactly what I was looking for.

Etude House's Collagen Multi-Stick is unlike anything I currently own.  Sure, I have other beauty products in stick form but none of them are like this.  Let me explain.

1. I own a couple Haloscope highlighter sticks from Glossier. One thing I love about them is the wax/oil based center. This helps it provide additional shimmer on the skin but they don't really hydrate.
2. I've also love cocoa butter sticks which do an amazing job at attacking areas of intense dryness with a rich layer of nourishing butter.

Neither of these compare to Etude's Moisture stick.  Etude's stick has no actual shimmer. But it leaves behind the most naturally dewy skin imaginable.  Etude's stick isn't wax/butter based. It's like applying hydrating moisture directly on the skin in a way that isn't oily or greasy.

Prior to purchasing, I searched for reviews and found on a few.  Even though I couldn't find too many video reviews on Youtube, those I did find were highly favorable.  So I took the plunge.  Weeks later, the item arrived (directly from Korea, I assume). From the moment I first tested the collagen stick, I've been hooked.

This product is perfect for applying over your moisturizer.  In this incredibly dry air, it doesn't take long for our skin to drink up moisturizers.  Etude houses' stick can help seal in moisture (like layering an oil) without leaving the skin oily or overly shiny.  It too will be absorbed into the skin as time goes on but, upon initial application, it leaves behind the most natural looking, dewy glow.

I haven't even brought up the most amazing aspect of this product yet.  What really sold me was that collagen was the main ingredient.  In fact, collagen is the first ingredient listed and makes up more than 50% of the contents.  Will rubbing a hydrating collagen stick directly on the skin make your wrinkles go away? Who knows.  But it couldn't hurt. Right?

We already have a bunch hydrating skin products in your possession. But how many of them consist mainly of skin-plumping collagen?

  Lastly, I'm also completely enamored with the packaging which makes it easy to take with me wherever.  This stick is never far from me. I love applying and reapplying around my under eye, forehead wrinkles, nasal labial folds, and areas where I experience the most dryness.  I even apply a little on the skin after putting on makeup if I need to add a little hydration and dewiness to the skin.

Shout out to these ladies who helped convinced to me to take the plunge.

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