How I'm Leveraging The Weekends to Transform My Life.

How was your weekend?  Did you catch up on some much-needed rest?  Or were you busy taking care of errands that you can't fit in during the week? Perhaps weekends are a time for socializing and hanging out with friends.

I really want to tell you how I've been spending my weekends for the past few months......because it's changing my life.
It all began back in November.  I wanted to do a little sprucing up around the house before the New Year.  It's kind of a tradition to get rid of some old stuff here and there but this year, it took on a totally different meaning.

Instead of just throwing out old things I didn't need, I decided to set a clear intention for my life.

My intention was clear, "to improve my life in one way or another before the new week began." I took on a compound effect approach to improving my life, one weekend at a time.   EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND I do something that I think will positively impact my situation.

And it's been working beautifully.

For the first phase of this "life enrichment project,"  I've focused mainly on elevating my environment.  I know myself. And I know that I'm heavily influenced by my surroundings.  When my home is cluttered, disorganized, neglected, I'm thrown off my game.   I also know how amazing I feel whenever I walk into a really nice restaurant or hotel.  It's undeniable.

So, every weekend, I dedicated a little bit of time towards enhancing my home in one way or another.  Some of the changes were small, some much more substantial.  As long as I could say to myself on Monday that I made a positive impact on my environment over the weekend, I was happy.


I began this journey because I needed to take an active role in creating my ideal life. Law of Attraction experts say that attracting what you desire becomes so much easier if you raise your personal vibration by making sure you're always feeling good.  When my environment is right, I feel absolutely amazing.  I'm not just cleaning my house on the weekends, I'm slowly transforming it into the vision I have for my ideal living space. When I reflect on how much progress I've made from when I first started this ritual in late 2017, I'm amazed.

When I held a full-time job, I utilized my weekends to slowly build the business I enjoy today.  I can't say enough how much you can get accomplished just by dedicating a few hours each weekend towards making your dreams a reality.

Weekends are a powerful opportunity to make great things happen.  Don't let it slip by.

Since taking on this mission of improving my life in some small way, every weekend, I've experienced countless benefits. The first, and most obvious, is that I feel amazing!  And because of this, I have been attracting good things into my life on a consistent basis.  It's incredible to watch it unfold and I can't wait to see/experience what lays ahead.

If you want to try this for yourself, you must first answer this important question, what raises your vibrational energy the most?  Do you feel your best when you look your best?  Are you energized by new experiences & environments?  Or are you fueled by sharing amazing experiencing with others?  Maybe you get your joy from self-care rituals like going to the spa.  Put some thought into it, reflect on those the times when you felt absolutely amazing.

Once you've clarified what most inspires and elevates you, take on the mantra of making small, incremental upgrades in those areas on a weekly basis.  Infuse that which makes you happy into your life.

The reason why it's important to make weekly, consistent improvements is that we need to stay consistent. And we want to compound our results.  Doing something once or twice means nothing. But if we keep building on what we've done before, we magnify our outcome.

The point is not to allow week after week to pass by without improving anything in our lives.  That's a huge mistake.  Especially since we have direct control of what we do with our time.  Let's give a small portion of our weekend towards creation-based activities.

I promise that you won't regret it.

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  1. The Advice and Images used throughout this blog are everything.. the Bella Mocha Lifestyle is #GOALS!


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