Feature | How small, consistent actions fueled the launch of her dream business

One of my favorite topics to write about are the Monday Motivational posts.  Early on, I wrote them for personal inspiration but eventually, some of you shared feedback that Monday posts were becoming your favorite.  I was really excited to learn that many of you are motivated, self-driven individuals  focused on creating your own destiny.

This past week, I received a direct message via my Instagram that immediately caught my attention.  It was from a reader who stumbled on the blog and began reading through the past content.  She came across one post in particular that instantly resonated with her.

The post she referred to was on the topic of compounding daily actions.  Jeff Olsen discusses this technique at length in his book, The Slight Edge.  The concepts in this book are powerful and will have a significant impact on what you are able to achieve with the time you have. The Slight Edge teaches us about the tremendous power of small actions when done repeatedly (and consistently).

Nikki, filled with inspiration after reading the Monday Motivation post, decided (that day) to listen to the Slight Edge audio book.  Since then, nothing has ever been the same.  The concepts in the book caused her to look at life a bit differently.  "Every day I started doing something. Whether working out, researching for my future business, journaling or reading 10 pages of a book a day." 
Nikki creating perfectly defined brows via Lucx_Brows
No matter what, Nikki made sure she did something every day to get her one step closer to her goals. This all started at the beginning of the year.  Eleven months later, Nikki has a thriving business.  Although she maintains a full-time career, her passion is in the beauty industry.  Her day pays well but it's a far cry from what she's passionate about.

Her business became a creative outlet that grew organically.  After receiving microbladding treatment, Nikki wondered if she can learn how to do it herself to save a little money.  Soon she was hooking up her friends and family.  Word of her work spread and before she knew it, Nikki rented out a shared space to take on her growing list of clients.  Months later, circumstances changed which required her to step out of her comfort zone and purchase her own Brow Studio.
Lucx_Brows before and after transformation
This is a big leap but Nikki is confident in what the future holds.  I asked her to explain how she remains so confident, Nikki explained that after praying about it, she reflects on her past successes, says "screw it" and moves forward (FYI, both Nikki and Richard Branson share the same philosophy when it comes to taking calculated risk).

Stepping up her business location was "motivation to make sure she builds her clientele."   That's when I shared my prediction that the simple act of expanding beyond her comfort zone would likely take her business to the next level.  Sometimes we conform our actions according to our environment.  Renting a space from someone else requires a different mindset than investing in your own location.

Nikki's business is flourishing and now she's reflecting on what the future holds.  Soon she'll have to determine if and when to transition to pursuing her passion full time.  In the meantime, Nikki continues to apply Slight Edge principles daily to her life and business.

Our conversation reminded me of how easy it is to build an empire simply by taking consistent daily action.  Every time she said "I did something every single day," it took me back to my early days. Back when I worked endless hours and longed to experience my freedom.  Time was scarce so I took a bunch of little actions.  Those actions added up and compounded into a profitable business.   Every year, around this time, I revisit the Compound Effect as a reminder that my small actions are critical and will create my ideal future.  This helps me to get a head start on the year ahead.

Go read/listen to this book if you haven't done so.  The Compound Effect and the Slight Edge are similar in content so check them both out.

Since Nikki is such a master at the art of creating the perfect brow, I asked if she would be willing to guest post and educate us on the microbladding technique.  As you can see from her selfie above, a beautiful brow has the power to transform the face.  Can't wait to learn more so I can step my brow game up.

Stay tuned.


  1. Ever since this article I've been obsessed with finding out how I can add The Slight Edge (lol I'm listening to it right now) method into my daily life and for my career in community health but I'm a bit stick: do you have an idea of how I can add the Slight Edge into my future career?

    1. Hi Imani,
      I think that implementing "The Slight Edge" strategies at work is fairly easy since we're are assessed by our performance. It's all about improving your personal performance on a daily/weekly basis. The author mentions reading 10 pages a day. By reading (and applying) principles from business and personal development books into your daily life, your performance will automatically improve.


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