When Will You Learn to Trust Your Intuition?

Just before the new year, I woke up early one morning to a small, still voice.  The voice commanded me to reach out to a contact that I made years ago regarding a potential business partnership.  After our initial meeting, we fell out of touch.

But, for some reason, the voice wanted me to reach out to him again. While in a sleepy haze, I agreed that sending a text to this person was really a good idea.  Do you wanna know what happened next? 

Absolutely nothing.

Once I was fully awake and fell into my daily routine. I somehow talked myself out of taking that action.  Later, I realized that this was a repeated pattern of behavior and if I continued to follow this path, I would be creating self-imposed limits on my life.

Here's why.
You may or may not notice that there's an internal dialogue that's always running in your head.  Most of the time, our internal dialogue is making judgments on situations and people.  Other times the voice is repeating negative thoughts or mentally verbalizing our fears.

But, every once in a while, it comes up with some brilliant suggestions.

For some reason, we fully trust and follow the negative suggestions yet completely ignore our voice when it says something that could push our lives forward.  For instance, the small voice might suddenly advise you that you should work out today.  Then, for whatever reason, the same voice will proceed to talk you out of leaving the comfort of your situation.  Which one do we listen to?

Typically, I find myself listening to the "lazy, fearful voice." The one that subtly convinces me that everything is a bad idea........even when it's a great idea.

Like, there is absolutely no reason for me not to text him.  There were no negative consequences involved if I took that simple action.  But, for some reason, the comfortable voice decided that I should cancel the text.  In the book "The Slight Edge," the author reminds us that it's easy not to do what we should.  Because, by not doing it, we suffer no apparent consequences.  At least not at first glance. 

But the consequences exist. 

I might think to myself, "it's no big deal if I don't make the call." But the reason why my subconscious prompted me to reach out in the first place is because partnering with him could help further my current results.   Unfortunately, each time I listen to the fearful voice, she becomes more trustworthy. It becomes easier to follow her instruction to do nothing. 

The other voice, the one with ideas that align with our vision, loses credibility each time we ignore it.  Day after day, this voice reminds us of what we can do to reach our goals.  Yet we don't fully trust it. We think the worst will happen if we obeyed its instruction.  But, realistically, if we actually followed our gut, our lives would probably only move in the right direction. 

Are there risks involved? Probably, but we can always find ways to minimize the risks.  Once the risks are in check, we can look forward to the rewards.  I'm not talking about making reckless decisions. I'm talking about listening to those moments of brilliance the seem to show up from time to time.  In 2018, I want to listen to my gut more.   I want to trust the voice and allow it to bring me closer to my goals. 

When I have conversations with others, I sometimes notice that they too will dismiss their voice.  We all do it.  But we can also relate to suffering consequences of not following our inner voice.

We just have to remember our ultimate goal.  Then ask ourselves, "will this idea bring us closer or move us away from what we say we want?"  Let's trust our intuition and see what unfolds from our new choices.


  1. The timeliness of this post is almost too coincidental to be true with something that had been going on in my life. Your posts are always so relevant and inspiring. Great job and keep them coming!


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