How 2 Minutes A Day + The Compound Effect Will Create Your Ideal Results

One annual tradition that I absolutely hate is when we turn our clocks back in the fall.  Suddenly, hours of sunlight is gone and our day is shortened considerably.  It just feels like I'm robbed of everything I can accomplish in a day.

Fun fact! Did you know that after December 21rst (winter solstice) we have been receiving about two minutes more of sunshine a day? Each day we'll enjoy another minute or two of sunshine than the preceding day.  Before we know it, we'll be experiencing longer days again.

When I first learned of this extra 2 minutes of sunshine a day, it made me think of a success principle that is out here changing lives.
I've spoken about this principle several times on here before.  It's the Compound Effect.  I'm bringing up the topic again because:

  1. It's the New Year and the Compound Effect is an annual tradition here.
  2. I recently received a message from someone who applied the principles of the Compound Effect to change her life.
If you don't already know what the compound effect is. It's basically the idea that small, daily consistent action has the power to produce massive results. This extra two minutes a day of sunshine is essentially the Compound Effect in action.

Check out this testimonial I received the other day via an Instagram direct message.

This is the second "Compound Effect Transformation" testimony message that I received.  The other Compound Effecter launched a successful business and transitioned from her full-time job.  This technique actually works!  Best of all, the process seems so effortless.

Let's use this 2 minutes of extra sunshine per day as a trigger to apply the Compound Effect in a small way, each and every day.  What if you were to jump rope for 2 minutes today? Or applied 2 minutes of focused attention towards the things on your vision board.  Two minutes may seem not much, but if you add an additional 2 minutes the next day and continue on with this pattern, you'll multiply your results.

I've decided to apply my two minutes towards building more muscle tone.  Just a few squats, and lunges here and there.  But I'll build on my activities each day.

I also have a few bigger goals for the year ahead.  I'm figuring out which Compound Effect Activities need to take place on a regular basis to ensure my goals are achieved.  This is absolutely critical. At 6:00 pm every day, I take a look at the sky.  That's when I realize that I can still see glimpses of sunlight and that mother nature is engaged in the principles of the compound effect.  This is my reminder (trigger) not to let a day go by without engaging in some type of small, consistent action.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my story in this post Nadege, one of my main goals for this year is to keep the weight off, which is just as difficult as losing it in the first place! P. X


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