Professional MUA Shows Us How to Create the Glass Skin Bronze Look for Summer.

I'm so looking forward to summer.  I often find myself searching for inspiration on simple makeup looks made for summer.  Days ago, I stumbled on the perfect summer face. What made me fall in love is how this makeup look will work perfectly whether a day or night.

The finished product is stunning but what really sold me was that the entire face featured a single item.  And don't worry, this product is super easy to use even if makeup isn't for forte.  I was so inspired by the look that I'm going to try it this weekend!
The makeup artist who's responsible for this "Glass Skin Bronzed Goddess Look" is Fenty professional artist Priscilla Ono.  She is a wizard at creating flattering, bold makeup looks that are also very wearable.  Sometimes I'll stumble on a makeup artist's page, admire their work, but have absolutely no idea on how to execute something similar.

Fortunately for us, Priscilla was generous enough to share step by step tutorials on how she created some of her greatest masterpieces.  It's not often that I find a makeup look from a professional artist that flatters deep skin tones but this look blew me away.

When Fenty Beauty first launched, I sprinted to Sephora and picked up their foundation and a set of Match Stix for dark skin.  I'm not even sure why I bought the Match Stix, I don't really contour. But somehow, I felt the urge to own them.  Although I did play around with them from time to time, the Match Stix never really became a part of my regular routine.

After watching this tutorial, I quickly fell in love with these magical makeup stix once again.

If you pay attention to the video, Priscilla uses the deepest shade to contour the model's eyelid crease.  I tested this out and the end result was beautiful.  It's such a natural contour that enhances the eye without looking powdery or dry.  This is exactly what we want for a summer look. What makes these contour sticks so awesome is that they have a creamy matte finish that glides effortlessly on the skin. Priscilla actually uses a brush to apply the product which creates a more blended result.  I was in a rush so I rubbed it directly on my eye crease (then blended with my fingers) and it still looked great.

What really really took this look to the next level was when Priscilla used a Shimmer Match Stix to highlight the model's eyelids, lips, and cheekbones.  The shade she used is perfection.  But the bad news is that Cognac isn't sold individually.  Cognac & Vault (the other stick used) is part of a limited edition 12 piece collection. Since I didn't have Cognac on hand, I substituted with Sinamon.   Although Sinamon on the lighter side, it still performed beautifully on my lid and cheeks.  I'm still hopeful that I'll one day come across a Cognac Match Stix on Ebay or something.  I'm still considering purchasing the 12 piece set since the sale price Sephora is offering comes up to about $7.50 a piece.

There are a few additional steps to create this complete look. Be sure the checkout Priscilla's archived stories on IG for details.

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