Tatiana Elizabeth Reveals Her Current Skin Care Obsession.

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Early this morning, I received a notification that Tatiana Elizabeth launched a live video on Instagram.   I haven't been keeping up with her lately so I decided to jump.  She seemed to be on location on a modeling job.  Her makeup was stunning and was flawless.  After giving a few updates on how busy her schedule has been lately, she began answering the flood of questions.

As expected, her viewers noticed her ethereal glow and proceeded to ask her to spill the details.  Typically, Tatiana doesn't go into depth about her skin regimen.  She often responds to skin related questions with a plug for her skin butter line.  But, this morning, she was feeling slightly generous and let us know her current skin care favorite.
Actually, Tatiana didn't reveal the exact product she uses. Instead, she shared the type of product she's been digging lately.

As of late, Tatiana has really developed a fondness for sheet masks.  We're no strangers to sheet masks here, I talked about them at length.  The reason why I'm bringing up the subject of sheet masks again is because Tatiana's beauty secret reveal served as an important reminder.

If you aren't aware, Tatiana was a second place runner up on cycle 23 of America's Next Top Model.  Her modeling career is really picking up lately.  Tatiana confirmed on the live video that she's currently in "grind mode" which means that she's booked and busy.  More importantly, she's been sitting in a lot of makeup artist chairs lately.

I've noticed that many makeup artists have a ritual.  Prior to slaying the faces of their beautiful models, they prep the skin for the most flawless application possible.  How?  More often then not, the model is given a sheet mask to nourish and hydrate.  Moisturized skin helps create the perfect canvas for a photo-ready face.   Makeup artists often splurge on pricey sheets masks because of the positive and direct effect their finished product.
@tatianaelizabeth causally posing while hydrating her undereye.
I suspect that Tatiana's skin is the beneficiary of consistent face masking featuring brands with potent ingredients.  My guess is that Tatiana is noticing the wonderful benefits from masking on the regular.   Keep in mind that she has great genetics on her side which means she has great skin.  If Tatiana is proclaiming her admiration of these products, it speaks to the power of these bless-ed sheet masks.

When the weather is cold and dry, I often reach for sheet masks to correct the excessive dryness.  But once humidity levels bounce back, I tend to forget all about them.  Tatiana reminds us that using sheet masks consistently is part of model-lifestyle-culture.  It's a wonderful perk for simply showing up for work.  Tatiana loves the sheet mask experience so much that even indulges in them on her off time (pictured above).

If someone with already great skin is impressed by a new product they love, I'm all ears. 

What would happen to your skin if it were treated to quality sheet masks on a routine basis?

Not sure?

Why not give it a try and find out?

**editor's note: If you want to enhance your sheet mask's potential, exfoliate prior to use and experience the difference.**

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