My First Lymphatic Drainage Massage Experience.

Not long ago, I talked about how celebrities were all flocking to experience a Brazilian lymphatic massage by a woman who's becoming very popular on IG.  These massages seemed to offer more than therapeutic benefits, they also made a drastic noticeable difference in just one treatment.  You can imagine my level of excitement to find out that someone nearby offered a similar service.

 No need to book a flight to LA!

Today I'm happy to announce that I had a chance to finally experience the infamous lymphatic massage first hand.  Here's a breakdown of what I liked about the massage and what I didn't.
I love a good massage.  In fact, I once challenged myself to book weekly (or biweekly) massages. I completely understand why celebrities get weekly massages.  Real benefits accumulate with continued treatments.  When I was consistent, I experienced a slew of benefits that I never expected.

When I first learned of lymphatic massages, I was beaming with excitement.  I've spoken about the importance of lymph cleansing via skin brushing and engaging in specific movements (like bouncing on the trampoline).  A massage designed with the focus of eliminating lymph toxins is like icing on the cake! 

My experience this morning was very similar to other massages I've had....except for one difference...

With this massage, I was instructed to fully undress vs. undressing to my comfort level.  I walked in expecting to receive a vigorous massage. But that wasn't the case. Especially on my upper body.  She started off using gentle strokes across my back that led towards my underarms (a location with lots of lymph nodes).   I paid close attention to her hand movements so I can mimic some of the technique at home.

As soon as she started working the back of my legs, the intensity shifted.  She applied greater pressure in an effort to break up the fatty deposits accumulating on the back of my thighs.  I definitely appreciated that portion of the massage. I'm convinced that, with several more sessions, that the back of my legs will be beyond smooth.  She didn't place as much attention on the front of my thighs so I doubt that I experienced that same before/after results as Flavini's customers who had a noticeable decrease in the size of their thighs.

 I did notice an overall difference post massage which I'll discuss later.

The last phase of the massage involved working on my midsection.  This is probably my biggest problem area.  Like the thighs, she placed a decent amount of pressure as she massaged my tummy in a counter-clockwise motion.  I could sense that she too felt that my belly was a problem area. Although I didn't take any before an after photos, I'm pretty sure that my tummy was a bit flatter when I left then when I came in. 

When the session completed I received a warm hug goodbye and instructions on how to conduct a tummy massage at home.  Although I emptied my bladder just before receiving the massage, by the time I got up from the table, my bladder was already full.   I guess the detoxing process had already begun.  After I received my final instructions, she left the room so I could get dressed.  I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and, maybe it was because of the subtle lighting in the room, but my body looked more toned and sculpted. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this type of massage.  It's still relaxing and enjoyable while providing other desirable benefits.  If you deal with bloating, cellulite, swelling, or any type of congestion, this massage is for you.  At my next session, she'll also do a facial lymphatic massage which I'm really looking forward to. 

I'm pretty confident that the benefits from this Brazillian lymphatic massage will only accumulate over time.  I paid $85.00 for my session which is a little pricey but, when you think about the possible health benefits, I think it's worth the investment.

One final thought:
This is an intimate massage. A lot of our lymph nodes are located in sensitive areas like near our breasts, underarms and inner thighs.  If you aren't comfortable with that level of touching, speak to your masseuse to see if he/she can use alternative techniques.

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