The All Natural Alternative to Silicone that Your Hair's Been Waiting For.

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Summer is in full gear which means that I'm now dealing with my arch nemesis--humidity-induced frizz.  Every summer I dream of wearing strappy sundresses and bouncy flexi rod curls.  And every year my plans are foiled thanks to super moist air.  In a short amount of time, my pretty curls mutate into a frizzy mess.

As I search for solutions, one suggestion that keeps popping up over and over again are silicone laden serums.  That's because they provide an excellent barrier against moisture.  Essentially, silicones can help keep the moisture in the air from penetrating the hair follicle.  But, on the flip side, 'cones are notorious for promoting product buildup. That same layer of protection that prevents frizz can also create a "plastic-like" layer on the hair keeping your moisturizing products from working as intended.

Silicones have been on the market forever and everyone knows about their drawbacks. So I wondered if there an alternative to silicone had been discovered.  Much to my surprise, I learned that an all-natural, plant-based silicone like oil already exists.

I love plant oils. When I did a mental rundown of all the potential options for a silicone alternative, the closest solution I could come up with was squalane.  Squalane does give that silky smooth feel on the fingertips but, honestly, it doesn't do that great of a job creating a moisture barrier.

Thankfully, there's another better option and it comes from a vegetable that I would never suspect.

If I told you that in studies, broccoli oil performed similarly to silicone, would you be shocked?

The oil of broccoli seeds has the ability to mimic look and feel of silicone on the hair.  How? Like silicone, broccoli seed oil also leaves a light protective barrier around the hair strand.  Not only that, broccoli oil can also impart shine on the hair like our beloved silicone-based serums.  One study found that a conditioner with 5% broccoli seed oil performed similarly to conditioner with 5% silicone added.   What gives broccoli oil it's silicone-like properties is its chemical composition.  It's comprised of 50% erucic acid (an omega 9 fatty acid that gives the hair a ton of shine).

On top of all that, broccoli seed oil offers powerful UV protection which makes it the perfect hair oil for summer.  I was already convinced that I should buy broccoli oil ASAP but then I learned that it's an awesome facial oil as well.  The high vitamin A levels help it perform similar to the anti-aging powerhouse Retin A.  Also, it's sun protection qualities only adds to a myriad of reasons why broccoli seed oil could be a great facial oil.

I can't wait to try this!

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  1. Interesting! But I actually use ONYC Hair Extension to complete my summer look with my bouncy kinky hair. Maybe I should try that too☺


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