This Vitamin Helps Your Skin Glow while Accelerating Fat Loss.

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Summer is officially in full swing.  One thing I'm obsessing about this summer is having glowing skin.  Obviously, I'll make sure to use products to combat acne.  But, what I'm really trying to do is create skin that radiates from the inside out. 

How do I plan on doing that?  By implementing a nutritional supplement that most people aren't thinking about when summer rolls around.  Not only will this vitamin give me brighter, healthier looking skin, it can also help me reach my summer body goals as well. 

I recently reimplemented this supplement into my routine and I feel like I'm already noticing the effect.  It got me so excited that I just had to write about it.
A couple of weeks ago, while strolling through the aisles of Sam's club, I stumbled on an oversized bottle of vitamin C and immediately stopped in my tracks.  Months prior, I just finished off a bottle of vitamin C gummies so it was time for a refill.  But instead of opting for a sugar-filled gummy, I decided to go with a high potency pill form instead. 

The plan was this.  To take a daily dose of vitamin C purposefully for the purposes of supporting healthy, glowing skin.  You might remember how I discovered countless testimonies online from folks who raved about how vitamin C transformed their skin from the inside out.  I remember watching stories of an influencer who decided to do a quick impromptu of her current skin reggie.

After sharing a few products, she looked directly in the camera and proclaimed that the next product she was about to show had the most impact on the greatness of her skin.  I was all ears as she grabbed a product that I wasn't familiar with.  She didn't explain the product clearly so I took a screenshot. All she did was talk about how much her skin changed.  Once I jumped off Instagram, I immediately googled the product in question and.....guess was high potency vitamin C capsules in fancy packaging. 

That served as another reminder that I needed to get back on track and that vitamin C wasn't just a vitamin we take when we're trying to ward off sniffles. 

And it gets better.  Not only will vitamin C help keep my immune system strong and skin glowing, it also has a direct impact on our ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Let me explain.

A study was done where a group of subjects was instructed to eat a diet low in vitamin C for about a month.  At the end of the 4 weeks, they did a workout on the treadmill while researchers tested their stamina and fat burning capacity.  This same group was instructed to take 500 mg of vitamin C daily for another 4 weeks then return and repeat another hour-long treadmill session.   The results showed a correlation between blood vitamin C levels and how much fat the subjects burned during their workout.  Not only did they burn more fat, they also experienced better endurance during their training session.  So if you're working out regularly, make sure you're getting enough vitamin C to maximize your results.  Great skin and enhanced fat burning are results that are too good to pass up.


  1. Thanks for sharing, is the brand you linked on Amazon the same the influencer was using? Thx!


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