[who to follow] 6 Instagram Socialites Living their Best Life of Luxury

Instagram gives us access into the lives of people that we don't typically interact with in our every day lives.  I love that Instagram is tool that allows us to experience a bit of inspiration every day.  One of the ways I fill up on inspo is by following some ladies seem to be doing it big.  These women enjoy the finer things in life and they aren't afraid to show it.

By checking out their feed, and stories, I'm whisked away to exotic locations, fine restaurants, and luxury shopping experiences.  May I introduce you to some of my favorite IG luxe socialites?

Olivia's feed is the epitome of a high-end lifestyle.  She's a lover of everything luxe including expensive cars, gorgeous fashions, and opulence.  On top of that, Olivia a world traveler who always brings us along on her many adventures.  Olivia's feed is good but her stories are even better.  She really isn't selfish with showing off behind the scene glimpses of her amazing experiences.  Be sure to follow.

I just stumbled on Lauren's page thanks to Oliva's introduction.  Based on first impressions, Lauren is a fashionista who isn't afraid to be the best-dressed woman in the room.  Are her looks are bold and represent full-on glam.  I'm kinda the opposite so it's nice to live vicariously through her feed.  Like Olivia, she's also a mother who reminds us that just because we have kids, doesn't mean that we should let ourselves go.

I love Laura's IG page because it showcases her love for the finer things in life as well as her passion for travel.  Last time I checked her stories she was in Paris, this morning Laura woke up in Marbella Spain.  I never know where this girl is going to be!

I've only been following Sai for a short while.  This woman's feed is absolutely STUNNING!  It showcases a collection of statement pieces that are bold and fabulous.  Sai is the definition of doing the most and I love it! Sai is the founder of her own brand that features the resort wear seen on her IG page. So if you see something you like, you can head right to her shop and grab it.

Seretix has one of my favorite feeds.  Her fashion sense is impeccable.  She epitomizes style & class with every look.  Although she does sprinkle in some designer pieces, her looks are achievable.  She's not as active on social media as I would like.  That's probably 'cause she's out there living her best life.

Jessica is the founder of the Jessica Rich Collection, a luxury shoe brand loved by countless celebrities.  Watching people as they travel the world is fun, but it's also nice to get a behind the scenes glimpse as Jessica builds her empire.  She still travels, attends parties and does all that fun stuff but you also get to come along for the ride as Jessica explodes her brand.

Yes, the lifestyles of some of these women are over the top.  But they stay to themselves and enjoy giving us a glimpse of what the good life has to offer.  I also love the representation of the hyper-feminine black woman which we often don't see a lot.

Cheers to the good life!

[If you'd like to fill your feed with more images of luurious black women, be sure to check out this IG account]


  1. i loved this, i am always looking for classy black women to follow on IG vs. thots, or women who present themselves as thots. Thanks for the suggestions. I find that it helps my manitifestation and visualization techniques.

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