How to Make the Next Decade The Best One Yet!

 I can't believe summer is almost over.  Since we're now in the back half of the year, I thought it would be a great time to do some reflection.  What makes this year interesting is that it marks the end of a decade.  A new decade is like the start of a new era.  I don't know about you but I want the next 10 years to be even better than the last.

So how do we make that happen?
My strategy will be ultra-simple and streamlined.  Basically, I'm focused on closing the gap between my current reality and the version I'd love to experience.  It's as simple as this.  I think of it as like building a bridge that allows me to get to where I want to be.

The key to making this process work is to identify this "bridge" and figure out how to cross it.  I believe the bridge is that will give you everything you want is how you allocate your time.

It's that simple.

A friend of mine turned her financial life around within the past few years.  She went from being buried in debt and having to quickly sell her house to buying an even bigger house and launching her real estate career.  The way her life looks today looks nothing like it did just a few years ago.

What fueled the change?

In one of our recent conversations, she spilled the beans.  Basically, she dedicated a bulk of her free time to listening to financial gurus like Dave Ramsey.  I remember when she started listening to him.  It wasn't long until a lot of our conversations would switch towards financial strategies for building wealth.  Mind you, her life was the exact opposite.  But she dedicated most of her time towards learning the principles of money management.  In her words, she listened to Dave Ramsey ALL THE TIME.  She even bought tickets to attend his live event. Everything she learned permeated her life.  In time, the content began to effect her subconscious and her soon actions followed.  Currently, she's in the process of building a strong financial future for herself and her family.

I've watched videos on Youtube of women who've transformed their bodies into the vision they have for themselves.  One thing they all have in common is that their day in the life as a person at a healthy weight looks very different than in the past.  The bridge that took them from being overweight to becoming lean was how they spent their time.  Fit people tend to spend a percentage of their time working out.  We all know this.  So if we're currently in a situation where we're not as fit as we want....we have to change how we leverage our time. 

As we enter a new decade, we have to decide how we will allocate our time going forward.  We all have areas in our life that we neglect.  Typically, those areas are suffering as a result of our neglect.  If we totally changed directions and placed a heavy focus on transforming our will happen.

Off the top of my head, I can easily think of several areas of my life that could be totally different if I made it my priority.  Think back to all the areas where you've made great progress in your life...what was one thing that made it all possible?  Chances are much of that success has to do with how you directed your focus.

If financial abundance became your primary focus for a few years, your bank account would reflect it.  Same goes for health/fitness, relationships, career, etc.  When I wanted to super-charge my career, I spent every waking second of the day learning the skills necessary to move up in corporate America and everything worked out well. 

With the last few months we have left in the year, let's identify 1-3 areas where you'll direct your focus.  Let's be like my friend who became so obsessed with changing her current situation that everything changed for her.  Now she travels with her family and is even considering leaving her current job to work for herself.  All because she dedicated her spare time towards achieving everything she desires.

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